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Turn Your Apple iPad Tablet Into an Anaglyph 3D Sketchbook

December 15th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

DeepSketch is an interesting new application for Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 that can turn these tablets into a digital stereoscopic 3D sketchbook, using the most common anaglyph 3D (red-cyan). DeepSketch has been developed by Mattis Folkestad with the idea to be easy for use and provide spectacular results… that is if you are good with drawing sketches, there is no need to be that good with the use of stereo 3D as you can quickly get the hand of it. The DeepSketch application is already available on the App Store for $1.99 USD and it works only on iPads with iOS 5.0 installed, so if you still haven’t upgraded yours to iOS 5 you will have to in order to use this application.

DeepSketch uses a slider for easy manual control of the current depth you are going to draw at (left for deeper, right for closer), so you just need to consider if the specific part of the sketch needs to go deep inside the screen or pop-out and respectively adjust the slider, and there is also automatic control of the depth available to help you out (the depth starts from the point where you set it at and moves either closer or farther from you while you draw). You just set the depth of the line using the slider and start drawing, the software automatically draw the two colored lines needed to recreate the feeling of volume, so you can draw wearing a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses or without glasses (if you are a bit more advanced 3D user). The key here is that you need to be able to draw pretty well and I’m not that good with drawing by hand, but still I like the end result, even if it is not the prettiest drawing… it is quite fun to use this application. It supports not only the most widely spread red-cyan anaglyph glasses, but cal also work with red-green, red-blue, magenta-green in this and in the reversed order of the color filters. You can also control the minimum and maximum volume in your drawings, so that you will not get too high separation or too low and make it harder for the people that are supposed to like your 3D drawings. The images you have drawn are saved in lossless PNG format, so that the maximum details are preserved and you can access them from the Photo library on the tablet and of course easily upload or share them with others. Just make sure that you have a compatible pair of anaglyph glasses lying around before getting DeepSketch as the application will not be any fun without the glasses that will allow you to actually see the volume in the drawings.

For more information about the DeepSketch application for iPad tablets….

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