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Take a Look at a Short Interview Shot in Stereo 3D

April 17th, 2010 · No Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

We have another stereoscopic 3D video made available by the Explore Media Group. This time it is Al Caudullo interviewing Frank DeMartin from Mitsubishi, who talks about the company’s DLP-based 3D products and some of the future plans. This video can give you a nice idea on what to expect from the upcoming 3D TV channels when there will be interviews with someone in 3D. You can kind of feel like you are sitting next to the two guys you see talking in the video when you are watching the video. The level of the sound in the video however is a bit low so you may have to turn up the volume, you also need to select Side by Side format and 16:9 aspect ratio when opening the video and you are asked about the 3D format of the file by the 3D Vision Player or the Stereoscopic Player. The video is also available in stereo 3D format on YouTube 3D in other 3D formats such as Anaglyph, Row interleaved, for Crosseye viewing and so on. Feel free to share your comments about the video if you download and watch it…

Download the CES 2010 interview video in S3Dmirror 1mirror 2
You can check out the 3DGuy website for more information regarding S3D…

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