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3Dtuber, a YouTube Like Video Sharing Website for 3D Content

August 26th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech

The website 3Dtuber is a new online platform for users to share and watch stereoscopic 3D videos online by taking advantage of the HTML5 capabilities, it has similar idea as the YouTube’s 3D functionality. You can either upload a 3D video and watch it directly from the browser using any of the available viewing methods, depending on what 3D hardware you have or upload a 2D video and have the site autoconvert it in stereo 3D one for you. The 3Dtuber supports playback of 3D videos at 720p resolution, so it is recommended to upload videos with at least that resolution for best results. You should have in mind that the 3Dtuber website requires you to use HTML5-enabled browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Webkit, Internet Explorer is not supported at the moment. You have multiple choices for the output of the 3D video when watching, these include anaglyph (red/cyan, red/blue and green/magenta), Side by Side and autostereoscopic (row/column interleaved displays). The website does not yet have support for 3D Vision.

You can visit the website 3Dtuber for more information and to try it out…

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Watch YouTube 3D Videos with 3D Vision Directly From the Browser

May 26th, 2011 · 47 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Do you know that with the help of HTML5 you can now watch the stereoscopic 3D videos available on YouTube with 3D Vision directly from your browser, but for that to work you would need not only to have a 3D Vision PC, but also to use the latest Mozilla FireFox 4 browser as well as to update to the latest beta GeForce Driver 275.27. It seems that currently only Firefox 4 is being supported, but other browsers will most likely soon follow and HTML5 opens the doors not only for 3D Vision, but for streaming in other 3D formats as well. The biggest problem is that currently the vast majority of users still use older browsers that still don’t have support for HTML5, but the 3D video streaming option is a good thing to make you do the update… at least for me. And with the new iframe embedding code for YouTube videos you are able to embed 3D videos on your website as well that can be viewed directly through the browser in 3D with 3D Vision if the visitor is using Firefox 4. When you open a 3D video from YouTube just click on the 3D control, select “other options…” and use the “HTML5 Stereo View (including NVIDIA 3D Vision)” to watch the YouTube 3D video in stereo 3D inside your browser. If you are having trouble and it is not working, make sure you are using the latest FireFox 4 browser as well as that you have installed the latest 275.27 beta drivers on your 3D Vision-ready system. Here is an HTML5 YouTube 3D test video to try with that should work just fine.

Aside from the YouTube 3D support for 3D Vision with HTML5, Nvidia has also made available a short 3D Streaming with HTML5 instructions as well as some simple Javascript code that you may immediately use to implement HTML5 3D Vision streaming on your website. This comes as an addition to the already made available 3D Streaming with Silverlight from last month, so now you may have more options to provide 3D video streaming off your website.

For more information about the HTML5 3D video streaming with 3D Vision…

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