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Acer GD245HQ 120Hz 3D-capable Gaming Display Unboxing Video

January 22nd, 2010 · 34 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Thanks to Acer and one of their local distributors today I was able to get a hold of a test sample of the new Acer GD245HQ 120Hz 3D-capable Gaming Display that has just arrived. It will take another month before the actual units for sale are available on my local the market, but I’ll be ready for when that happens and you’ll also have more information if you are interested in this particular display for 2D gaming at 120Hz or for Stereoscopic 3D gaming with a pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses from Nvidia. Expect my first impressions and an in depth review in the next days and meanwhile you can take a look at the unboxing video above. Also feel free to ask anything you want me to check or test on the monitor, of course besides the obvious things like input lag and ghosting that I’m going to check anyway… ;)

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Movie Posters Converted from 2D to 3D by Synthetic Dimension

December 19th, 2009 · 2 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos


Here is a short HD video in stereoscopic 3D format that shows the conversion form 2D movie poster into a 3D version with depth effect done by Synthetic Dimensions. It shows some really impressive work done with in-house developed technology used to convert 2D pictures into stereoscopic 3D ones that are after that printed as lenticular 3D posters. The video starts with the poster in 2D and then changes to the 3D version, and after that, it shows some zoomed in details. As you can see the depth effect is really nice and no ghosting is easily noticed, so download and watch the 720p video that Synthetic Dimension did to show their impressive work…

Download the Movie Posters Converted to 3D Videomirror 1mirror 2

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