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New GPU from Nvidia Announced Today, the GeForce GTX 570

December 7th, 2010 · 7 Comments · General 3D News

Today Nvidia has officially announced the second GPU from the new GTX 500 series, namely the GTX 570 which is a bit stripped down version of the GTX 580 released not long ago. The new GTX 570 apparently will be pretty much equivalent to the older GTX 480 in terms of performance or maybe just a bit faster at times, or that is what all the reviews of the new card are showing. The good news is that the GTX 570 will be cheaper as compared to the GTX 480 that will probably start to phase out from the market, the recommended end user price of the GTX 570 is 349 USD/EUR (depending on where you live).

Specifications of GeForce GTX 570:

CUDA Cores – 480
Graphics Clock – 732 MHz +32
Shader Processor Clock – 1464 MHz +64
Texture Fill Rate – 43.9 billion/sec +3.9
Standard Memory Configuration – 1280 MB GDDR5 -256
Memory Interface Width – 320-bit -64
Memory Clock – 1900 MHz (3800 effective) +52 (104)
Memory Bandwidth – 152.0 GB/sec -25.4
Texture Units (TMU) – 60
Raster Operator Units (ROP) – 40 -8
Power connectors – 2x 6-pin PEG
Power consumption – 219W TDP -31
GPU Thermal Threshold – 97 degrees Celsius -8

* The numbers in red and green represent the upgrade or downgrade of the specific parameter in the GTX 570 as compared to the GTX 480!

Just like the GTX 580, the new GTX 570 also comes with an improved Vapour Chamber cooler which means quieter and cooler card even under high load, the new video cards with GTX 570 GPUs will also feature the Advanced Power Management that monitors and adjusts the power usage to keep the card’s power consumption into the TDP limit (unless you start overclocking). With the good price/performance ratio for a high-end cart the GTX 570 could turn out to be a great card for gaming in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision, but I cant tell for sure until I test one of these in S3D mode and see some results. Still if you are considering an upgrade and a GTX 580 is too much for your budget, the GTX 570 might be just what you need… I already went from GTX 480 to the GTX 580, so this time I hope that Nvidia will not release GTX 590 or GTX 680 in the next few months. ;)

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