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Possibe Issues with 3D Vision Glasses after Longer Usage

December 23rd, 2009 · 8 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


I’ve been using my pair of 3D Vision shutter glasses for about half a year already, very actively every day, so they’ve seen a lot of putting on and putting off and the results from all that that have started to appear. It seems that the green rubber ends on both of the frames are the weak spot in 3D Vision, as they started to peel off from the black plastic frame (they were glued). It seems that for version 2.0 Nvidia should think of a solution to improve things a bit, because when the green rubber is removed the hard plastic makes the wearing of the glasses for longer periods of time uncomfortable. So after applying some glue the rubber can be affixed again for some time, but after a bit of usage it might still start to fall off again. The good thing is that Nvidia has designed the glasses to be quite strong and resistant to active usage, even when not being handled with care. And if for version 2.0 of the glasses they also improve a bit the frame around the lenses in order for the glasses to block more of the external light they’ll be almost perfect… ;)

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