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Australian Rugby Match in 3D on TV Before the 2010 FIFA World Cup

April 28th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Stereo 3D Events

More and more sports events are getting the 3D treatment and there were just some news that the Australian Channel Nine TV network will be broadcasting the first 3D sports event in Australia (thanks to Philip Heggie for reporting that). They’ll be broadcasting in 3D the first of the three 2010 State of Origin Rugby League games on May 26th, namely the Queensland vs New South Wales (NSW) rugby match. It is interesting to note that the Australian government has temporary given the network an extra broadcasting spectrum for the event, welcoming the initiative, and it will be a terrestrial TV broadcast over the air, and not on cable. Of course in order to be able to watch it in 3D you’ll have to have a compatible 3D-ready TV set and so far the only ones available on the Australian market are the Samsung C7000 series. Sony and Panasonic may also have their 3D-ready HDTVs available on time for the event as they are expected in June, but that is still not clear yet. The 3D broadcast will be in HD 1080i resolution according to the HDMI 1.4 3D specs. The game will be covered by special 3D rigs consisting of two cameras each and there should be at least a few of these in different places along the stadium to cover the whole game, besides the normal 2D cameras that will also be there for the normal broadcast of the event. Unfortunately no news about online broadcast, so the event will kind of remain limited to Australia, but hopefully someone will make a recording and share it with the rest of the world…

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German Amateur Stereoscopic 3D Short Movie – The Shadow of Justice

February 24th, 2010 · 4 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Here is a new German amateur 3D short film called “Der Schatten der Gerechtigkeit” (The Shadow of Justice), probably the first German amateur short film shot in stereoscopic 3D. The movie is in German, but the version below is with embedded English subtitles in 3D, so that you’ll understand the dialogues (other versions are also available). The production was done with a custom side-by-side camera rig using Canon HV30 and HV20 HD cameras, because these cameras were already available, along with the rest of the equipment, so it was basically a no-budget production. For the post production a Zalman 3D Monitor was used and Acer H5360 3D projector for previewing the material in stereoscopic 3D, all the editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and the compositing in Adobe After Effects.

The length of the movie is 13:31 minutes and it is available in HD quality (1280×720) in Over/Under format with the left frame first best viewed with 3D Vision Video Player or Stereoscopic Player, but any other 3D setup should do. The movie is also available in anaglyph format, on Youtube 3D and in 2D version, but only the Over/Under version linked below has English subtitles, the rest are all available only in German for the moment. The end result is great, especially considering we are talking about an amateur short movie and not a professional production, but then again it also took over 8 months to prepare everything you’ll see in the video.

Download The Shadow of Justice with English subtitlesmirror 1mirror 2
Links to the other versions and more interesting materials are available here…

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Get a 22″ IZ3D Stereoscopic 3D Monitor with a Huge Discount

December 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech


If you ever considered getting a 22-inch Stereoscopic 3D monitor from IZ3D, now may be the right time to do that in the holiday season as the company just announced that it is lowering the price to $349. Furthermore you can take advantage of additional 20% discount of this price (only if ordering through IZ3D’s webshop!) and thus purchasing the 22″ Iz3D display for just about $291. The only thing you need to do is when checking out to write the following promo code: 91927c7d and you should be all set. And if you ask why IZ3D and not GeForce 3D Vision, the answer is quite simple actually… IZ3D’s display and drivers work on any kind of video card (ATI-based video card for instance) and not only on Nvidia, unlike the 3D Vision driver that requires you to have an Nvidia-based VGA. And of course the 22-inch IZ3D display does not use active shutter glasses and a 120Hz display, but instead relies on dual screens (inside one monitor) with different polarization and passive polarized glasses in order to achieve the Stereoscopic 3D effect. And of course this technology also has its pros and cons, but if you wanted to get one of these and save some money now should be the right time to take advantage of the discount offer.

To visit IZ3D’s website for more information about their 22″ S3D display…

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