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PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.20 to Add 3D Video Output Support?

February 13th, 2010 · 10 Comments · General 3D News

It seems that Sony is planing to include the much anticipated 3D support for their PlayStation 3 console in the upcoming firmware update version 3.20. Or at least there are such hints coming from from some leaked pictures of the 3.20 firmware that seems to be already in the hands of some developers. The current firmware version for PlayStation 3 is at 3.15 with still no official release date of the anticipated version 3.20, but it is expected this to happen before the official summer release of the first 3D-ready HDTVs from Sony. Prior to having a compatible 3D-ready high-refresh rate HDTV, along with the required active shutter glasses (the preferred tech for all upcoming 3D TVs) there is no point in having this feature available on the console. Also, it seems that the much anticipated Blu-ray 3D support for the PS3 console will require an additional firmware update that is supposed to be available at a later time, after the summer release of the firmware with 3D gaming capabilities, but most likely before the end of the year.

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