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The new FIFA 2010 Demo and its 3D Vision Compatibility

September 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Stereo 3D Games


The new FIFA 2010 game is coming next month, but before that the demo of the game is already out, so I decided to try it with 3D Vision to see how well the game works in Stereoscopic 3D mode. Unfortunately the things did not go that well, because as expected there is still no official profile from Nvidia for that game and with the default settings it does not work that well as you might expect it to…


When you run the game with the default settings and low depth level in S3D mode it is almost normally playable with just some minor ghosting that is most clearly visible along the white lines marking the football field. These can be quite easily fixed by adjusting a bit the convergence level by hand and everything seems to be not that bad at first, but since the game uses a lot of different perspectives things that don’t go that well. And have in mind that thus far you are using a very low depth setting, making the game look just a bit 3d-ish and not that impressive with the stereoscopic 3D mode and if you increase the depth level you again will see the white lines ghosting…


And if you adjust convergence and depth so that you get not that impressive depth, but the game is almost normally playable when you switch the perspective for instance when you have to do a kick with your goal keeper the settings are all messed up again. But even if you readjust the convergence the next moment you are back to “normal view” and then again you see ghosting along the white lines…


And then along comes a view from another perspective or a cut scene and things again start to look out of order and then again readjusting and adjusting and readjusting… So Nvidia probably has to start thinking about making an option for different preset or auto-focus mode to automatically adjust the depth level according to the currently displayed objects on the screen so that you won’t have to do it manually every time.

Anyway the FIFA 2010 Demo does not look very good and promising for playing with 3D Vision in Stereoscopic 3D mode at the moment, but there is still some time until the final game gets out so maybe EA (not that likely) and Nvidia (an official profile) might do something to improve the results in S3D… ;)

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