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Getting Ready for GeForce GTX 580 Upgrade for Stereo 3D Gaming

December 1st, 2010 · 11 Comments · Other S3D Tech

I just got my hands on the brand new GeForce GTX 580 a.k.a. the new high-end single GPU by Nvidia and I was frankly quite surprised in a good way from it. If you remember when the GTX 480 was announced there were a lot of people complaining that the video cards based on that GPU were getting very hot and noisy when they are under load. I’ve been using GTX 480 for a while now, but I’ve solved all my possible problems by going with water cooling for the video cards, so they are kept cooler and they are not noisy and I would recommend to anyone going for a single or especially dual GTX 480s to go for water cooling instead to stay with the default air cooler. On the other hand the new GTX 580 is surprisingly cool while remaining quite silent even under high load, after about an hour with the card running Fur Mark at extreme settings it was about 74 degrees Celsius and the fan was running at just 56% meaning pretty much silent. If you ask me Nvidia should’ve gone out earlier with the new cooler using vapor chamber technology not only for the GTX 580, but the 480s should’ve been equipped with it too and they would’ve been ranked much higher in all the reviews than they were due to the heat and noise complaints. So the GTX 580 is perfectly usable with the air cooling and can even handle some overclock without the card getting much noisier, reaching to a level that you will find it uncomfortable, so well done Nvidia.

But back on the water cooling, the main reason I wanted to get my hands on a GTX 580 was to see if the new cards will be compatible with the full cover water cooling block from EK for the GTX 480 since I already had these. After seeing the first GTX 580 photos I was pretty sure that the water cooling blocks will also fit on the new cards, but today I was able to personally confirm that if I go for GTX 580 I will not have to replace my older (are they old already?) water cooling blocks for the GTX 480. This was pretty much enough for me to consider upgrading to GTX 580 from GTX 480 and due to that I’ll be doing some benchmarks, comparing the older top model and the new top model in stereo 3D mode. I just want to be sure that I’ll be getting even better results while gaming in stereo 3D mode with GTX 580 than with GTX 480, and while waiting for the new Crysis game, I’ll have to do with the Metro 2033 for being one of the heaviest game titles even when not in S3D. So expect some results later on and meanwhile I’m taking my tools and am going to work on the PC to replace the video cards… ;)

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