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Two Educational Stereoscopic 3D HD Videos from Designmate

January 6th, 2010 · 3 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos


Stereoscopy gives depth to the images and helps in making complex topics simpler and easier to understand which can greatly improve the educational process while at the same time keeping the viewer’s attention. Stereoscopic 3D is still largely used in entertainment industry to make more appealing movies in cinemas, but that is not the only possible use of the technology and it is as it is still gaining more an more interest. The company Designmate has evolved complex topics like Science and Maths in 3D Stereoscopy which has led to better understanding and greater retention in the students. And here are two short example videos – Drug Resistance (how certain mutant bacterial strain resist the antibiotic effect) and Neuroglial Cells (explaining what the nervous system consists of). You can download the videos from the official website (requires a quick registration) in the form of Side by side format or Anaglyph format or from the provided mirror location without the need to register, but only the Side by Side version…

To download the Drug Resistance S3D video (side by side and anaglyph)
To download the Neuroglial Cells S3D video (side by side and anaglyph)

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