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The Function of Reality Blu-ray 3D Demo Video by San Base

June 6th, 2012 · 7 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

San Base, Canadian digital artist, a pioneer of a new medium of art that utilizes the classical elements of painting, while harnessing the power of computer technology to bring two drastically different disciplines together, creating the so called Dynamic Paintings. Dynamic Paintings are created by conceiving an idea, selecting basic colors, shapes and principles of development. Using a wide array of techniques that have deep roots in the styles of conventional painting, San Base converts brush strokes into algorithms. These algorithms represent the “DNA” of the picture like the DNA of a living organism. With a slight mutation; the image algorithm can produce an infinite number of unique paintings. This “mutation” process can be slowly animated over time to produce a fluid motion within the element of a painting; producing a magnificent never-ending and never repeating show.

San Base has released a Blu-ray 3D disc called “The Function of Reality” where Dynamic Paintings are combined with stereoscopic 3D technology to provide an even interesting experience. The full movie is 75 minutes long and is being sold on Blu-ray 3D for $24.95 USD, and there are two sample videos in Side by Side format that you can download and watch on your PC as well as a Blu-ray 3D demo in the form of an ISO image, also available for download. As usual, if you watch the stereo 3D videos please feel free to share your feedback.

To download the sample stereoscopic 3D videos from “The Function of Reality”…

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