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DVDFab Beta With Support for Autostereoscopic 3D Devices

August 26th, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

If you remember not long ago I’ve reviewed some of the functionality of the DVDFab software package here on the blog, more specifically the DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper as well as the DVDFab 2D to Stereo 3D Converter. And now, the latest beta version of the DVDFab software introduces a new feature that might be interesting and useful for quite a lot of people that already bough a mobile device with autostereoscopic 3D display (not requiring the user to wear special glasses to see the 3D effect). According to the company making the software the new DVDFab Beta software now allows the users to output 3D videos in a format optimized for viewing on glasses-free 3D smartphones and other glasses-free 3D display devices. So you should be able to easily use the DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper to rip and convert Blu-ray 3D movies or the DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter to make 3D videos compatible with the HTC EVO 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D P920 smartphone, Sharp SH-12C Aquos Phone, Sharp SH-10C Aquos Phone, Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 viewer and others. Anyone with such a device handy is welcome to download and try the new functionality added in the latest beta version of the software and report back, as currently I don’t have any of them to test with.

To download and try out the latest DVDFab Beta software…

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Trying out the DVDFab 2D to Stereo 3D Video Converter Software

June 23rd, 2011 · 8 Comments · 2D to 3D Conversion

Not long ago I’ve tried the DVDfab Blu-ray 3D ripper software and was quite satisfied by the easy of use and good results that the software is providing. The same company also has software for doing automatic 2D to 3D video conversions, so I’ve decided to try that as well expecting the same satisfying results…

At first I was a bit confused as to where the 2D to 3D conversion functionality is in the menu, but I’ve quickly discovered that it is a part of the normal Video Converter menu. If you are going to convert normal video to 3D one you just need to activate the “2D to 3D” checkbox, after you open the 2D video file and you are ready to start converting with the default settings. There are a few built in profiles that you can select from a drop down menu, so you should be able to get decent results even if you are a total novice to video conversion.

If you are a bit more advanced user you can also play with the individual settings for the codecs and formats that you want the audio and video output to be encoded in, not that much options, but all the more basic ones are there such as audio and video bitrate, output framerate adjustment, deinterlacing of the source material if interlaced etc. You can also include subtitles from an external file that will get hardcoded in the video, although that may not be such a good choice for when encoding a 3D video, even though we are talking about 2D to 3D autoconversion here. When playing back 3D video files you can also have the subtitles loaded from an external text file, at least when playing the video on a PC, but if you are playing it on another device you may want them to be a part of the encoded video.

When you hit the “Video Effect Settings” button you are presented with an extra menu for more basic resizing and cropping, as well as adjusting the 3D output parameters of the output video. Of course the 3D options panel here is the most important, because from it you can choose the output format of the autoconverted 3D video. It can either be in Side by Side, Top/Bottom or into two separate video files each containing the left and right eye frames respectively. You can also choose between full frame output (original frame size) or half frame output, where you get the left and right frames with either half horizontal or half vertical resolution (squashed) in order to both fit into a common frame size such as 1920×1080 or 1280×720. The last part of the 3D menu is the most important one for the conversion, here you have two sliders where you adjust the “Visual Depth” and “Gain” of the output image, the names of these two however may not give you very clear idea on how to adjust them in order to get the best results (not well documented either). So it is up to you to play a bit with different settings in order to find what works best for each video file, the only problem is that you need to process the whole video before seeing the result, as there is no option to select just a few seconds to be processed from the whole video. So it is best to first cut a small part of the video in a video editor for testing in the 2D to 3D conversion and then load it in the DVDFab software to play with it.

With this software you also get CUDA accelerated decoding and encoding on some of the video formats which can help you get faster conversion times as compared to processing only with the CPU, fo course that will only work if you have a CUDA-capable Nvidia-based video card… and a faster one. And when you are finally ready to start the conversion with anticipation to see the result in stereo 3D you are presented with a nasty and meaningless for the normal user error message. I’ve tried with quite a lot of different video files and about half of them were giving me this weird error message, although the video files play perfectly on the PC I’m doing the conversion on and they are not damaged, and the other half were converted without issues. So you may also get such problems and I was not very pleased that quite a lot of my test files gave me an error when trying to convert, if it was just one or two out of 20 it should’ve been Ok, but half… anyway, the end result after a bit of tinkering with the conversion settings was actually quite good.

So what is the verdict about the DVDFab 2D to 3D Video Converter Software: quite easy to use by normal users, offers some extra features for more advanced users, has support for the basic 3D output formats, a bit limited on extra functionality that can be helpful. The lack of proper explanation about the two sliders controlling the 3D effect, the most important part of the conversion process, isn’t good at all as well as the fact that I’ve was unable to convert half of the 20 test files I’ve prepared. But the end result of the successfully converted files was actually quite good, so you may as well try to see if it will work better for you and hopefully in future releases of the software these issues will be addressed by DVDFab.

For more information about the 2D to 3D Video Converter Software…

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DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper Software For Ripping 3D Videos and Movies

May 30th, 2011 · 9 Comments · Other S3D Tech

DVDFab’s Blu-ray 3D Ripper software may not be the first solution becoming available to help you rip videos and movies from Blu-ray 3D discs and convert them to different popular formats, but it is one of the most user friendly solutions available. It is not intended for hardcore video enthusiasts that want to have a lot of control over what, when and where to happen in the video conversion, but is instead for people that just want to rip a clip or the whole movie quickly and easily. After you rip some video from a Blu-ray 3D disc you can easily play it with a software such as the Stereoscopic Player or Nvidia’s 3D Vision Video Player on your computer’s 3D LCD monitor or even with a normal video player on a 3D HDTV.

This Blu-ray 3D Ripper software supports output in both Side by Side format and Above/Below (Over/Under) with full frame size for each eye or half resolution (squashed) in a single video file as well as output into two separate video files, one for each eye. You can also do some very basic editing while doing the conversion such as resizing the video frame or cropping it, but you would rarely need to use these when ripping a 3D video. There is also a preview windows to show you how the output will look like, but the thing I’m kind of missing here as a feature is the option to cut only some part of the clip if you don’t need it fully converted. This cutting option could also help a lot when testing different settings for compression to get the best results, but maybe DVDFab will add it as a function soon.

I’ve mentioned that this Blu-ray 3D ripper software is not very advanced, but still you get a nice control over the file containers as well as the codecs and compression levels you may use should you need to. Of course there are already multiple profiles set for users that just want to press a few buttons and have the output video ready in no time and with good quality. But if you are a more advanced user you can tweak some of the parameters of the encoding process, depending on your specific requirements. The software supports output in the following common file containers: MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, M2TS and TS.

Another good thing about this Blu-ray 3D ripper is the fact that it supports Nvidia CUDA GPU acceleration for the encoding process, meaning that you can get the video compressed much faster using the help of the GPU and not only relying on your processor. Of course having a fast multi-core processor can help, even when encoding with the video card as the H.264 MVC decoding done by the software apparently does not yet support GPU acceleration. With the help of CUDA GPU acceleration and a fast GPU you can get at up to real time recompression speed from Blu-ray 3D to 3D video, while with just a CPU the wait time to get the 3D video output is much longer.

If you need to have Blu-ray 3D ripping functionality then I’d suggest to give DVDFab’s Blu-ray 3D Ripper a try, you can download a trial version and play with it to see if it fits your needs. Have in mind that the trial version does place a watermark logo on the processed videos, so it is useful just for testing the functionality and playing a bit. The Blu-ray 3D Ripper software is currently being sold for $50 USD, but the guys at DVDFab run different promotions and offer occasional discounts for their software, so you can manage to get it even cheaper. I personally don’t need such functionality at the moment, but It was nice to try it and see that it was pretty easy to use and it worked quite well and problem free for the tests I’ve performed with multiple Blu-ray 3D media.

For more information about the DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper Software…

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