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Drift HD Action Camera and MIO 3D For Stereo 3D Video Recording

October 28th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Shooting in 3D

When considering the possibilities to make a portable and relatively affordable stereoscopic 3D camera rig for recording 3D video there are actually quite a few options. One of the most talked about and convenient is probably to use two GoPro HD Hero action cameras together with GoPro 3D Hero system, but this is not the only compact action camera that can be used for that. Another similar alternative is to use the compact Drift HD170 or Drift HD action camera by Drift Innovation. With these action cameras you don’t need anything special in order to pair two of them in a parallel configuration and start recording 3D video. The trick for that is that the cameras come with a wireless remote control that can be used to start and stop the recording process and you can easily pair a single remote to multiple cameras. So pairing more than two of these cameras with a single remote you can also easily be able to create a multi camera array to be able to record not only 3D video with different interaxial distance, but also to record content with the popular bullet-time effect…

But you can make things easier with the help of MIO 3D’s Fairburn 3D MultiPlates. You can see an example of using these multiplates together with two and even three Drift HD action cameras on the video above. These plates make it very easy to attach and align multiple Drift HD cameras (should work with other compact cameras as well) to get a parallel 3D video recording rig. But why only limit to two cameras when you can have a third one and record with the three cameras simultaneously? This will allow you to shoot in 3D just once and have footage with two different interaxial distances of the same scene and with interaxial distance of 35mm and 70mm. The only issue here is that the Fairburn 3D MultiPlates are a bit more expensive that you probably expect, but they can make things much easier for setting up and adjusting your 3D camera rig.

Here you can find more information about the Fairburn 3D MultiPlates…

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