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Playing the Game Dead Space 2 in Stereo 3D Mode with 3D Vision

February 5th, 2011 · 21 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

I should start with the fact that the game Dead Space 2 does not yet have an official 3D Vision profile and it has some annoying issues with the default settings if you try to play it in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision. It is an UE3-based game and thus has the typical trouble with halos around the character due to the use of FogVolumes and unfortunately there is no option for the user to disable these. Apparently Nvidia has some way of forcing this to be disabled or using some sort of a workaround through their 3D Vision profiles, so renaming the game executable to “prototypef.exe” (without the quotes) for example can kind of deal with this issue, however not perfectly enough in the case of Dead Space as there are some blinking artifacts visible from time to time (different in each eye or just in one of the views – left/right). But even with that the game is much more playable then with the halo around your character…

Shadows and lights are also troublesome, as they are being rendered in 2D. With shadows you can deal easily by disabling them – set Shadow Quality to off in the in-game menu, however with lights the situation is more problematic. The workaround you can get for the lights is to stay at the lowest possible depth level and use my custom convergence settings to get some depth with the lights not being displaced. The custom convergence settings you will find below are going to work only if you have renamed the default “deadspace2.exe” executable file of the game to “prototypef.exe”. Have in mind that you should not try to play the game Prototype during that time, as with these custom settings it might no work that well.

Other things that I’ve noticed, for example there is a frame limiter of 30 fps in place, so you can safely assume that Dead Space 2 is most likely not so good console port for the PC gamers. The games has a lot of dark scenes and that also makes it hard to distinguish details in stereo 3D mode when using 3D Vision due to the reduced brightness because of the use of shutter glasses in S3D mode. So in the end it might be better to just play the game in plain 3D mode than to try to deal up with the issues in stereo 3D mode. Maybe if Nvidia releases an official profile for the game, some of the issues it has could be resolved, but that is not certain and it may take some time. Of course you are welcome you use the advice above to try and play the game in stereo 3D mode and if you do so, then you can also share your experience below… and also if you’ve discovered some other useful tips for better experience.

Download the custom convergence settings for the game Dead Space 2 (32/64-bit)…

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