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Get The 2D Glasses If You Have Trouble With 3D Movies at Cinema

April 22nd, 2011 · 5 Comments · General 3D News

Do you remember the De-3D Cinema Glasses prank that ThinkGeek has pulled for April 1st this year, well the movie theater glasses that will turn a 3D movie into a 2D one are now real and you can buy them for $7.99 USD a pair. But why would you need glasses that make a 3D movie into a 2D one, when you can just go to a projection of that movie in 2D and not pay for a more expensive ticket for 3D projection? The answer is pretty simple, if you are not going alone to the cinema and only you have trouble when watching 3D and your friends still want to watch the movie in 3D, you can be with them and still watch in 2D with the special pair of glasses. The 2D Glasses are intended to be used in movie theaters using RealD projection technology and should be also compatible with most passive 3D television sets. They are not compatible with IMAX 3D movie theaters or ones using Dolby Digital 3D technology as these use different type of glasses, and of course they are not compatible with active shutter glasses solutions. Active shutter glasses such as Nvidia’s 3D Vision can also be modified to show 2D image from a screen displaying a 3D one, I’ve made a guide on how to do that.

Here is the real story behind the 2D Glasses from Hank Green:

In late 2010 I wanted to go see Tron Legacy. My wife was happy to come with me… as long as we went to the cheap theater where it was playing in 2D.

Really? Tron in 2D? What’s the point right? And then my wife told me something I never knew, she gets bad headaches when watching 3D movies.

She never complained about it, but there it was. I didn’t want my wife to be in pain, but I also didn’t want to go see Tron by myself. So instead of complaining (okay, in ADDITION to complaining), I got out my tools.

Instead of “recycling” the 3D glasses that my wife and I used during the movie, I took them home. After a lot of poking and twisting and gluing and cutting and cursing and sawing, I had created my first pair of 2D Glasses.

They’re not pretty, but I took them to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D and they worked! Katherine could watch the movie in 2D, and even switch to 3D for the action scenes!

She told some friends and by the next week, I had around 10 “orders” for these ugly 2D glasses. Stealing my raw materials from the theater became impractical, so I decided to get some nice ones made and make them available to the world.

What these 2D glasses actually do is to use two lenses with the same light polarization, instead of lenses with different polarization for the left and right eye as the typical passive polarized 3D glasses do. So basically in order to make a pair of 3D glasses into a one showing you 2D image from a 3D projection you just need to replace the right lens on the glasses with another left one. So instead of getting two slightly different images through each of your eyes and the brain fusing them into a 3D image with these glasses both your eyes will see only the left projected frame and it will still feel as a 2D image. And there goes the trouble and problem you may be experiencing watching 3D content, even though the projection would still be in 3D, you will be seeing a 2D movie with these modified glasses.

For more information about the 2D glasses visit their official website…
You can also order the 2D Glasses from Amazon, they are being shipped worldwide…

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De-3D Cinema Glasses Exclusively from ThinkGeek Only Today

April 1st, 2011 · 6 Comments · General 3D News

Another 3D exclusive product just for today, ThinkGeek is offering a De-3D Cinema Glasses that do exactly what the name suggests – turn 3D movies into 2D ones, eliminating headaches and nausea associated with 3D movies for the people experiencing them. The glasses are with passive polarizing filters and are compatible with any movie theater using RealD 3D technology for projecting 3D movies. In this particular case however this is not a real product, just another April Fools Day joke… just click on the Buy Now button to confirm it if you don’t believe.

Actually making such 3D to 2D passive glasses isn’t that hard… should you need them of course. You just need to replace the right light polarizing filter with a one that uses the same polarization as in the left lens, so that as a result you will be seeing only the left projected frame in the movie theater from a 3D movie and thus you will actually see the movie in 2D. This of course is not very practical for watching 3D movies in 2D when you have to pay higher price for the 3D projection, but can be more practical for home use for screen sharing for example and opens some new and interesting possibilities. If you are following the blog you may remember my mod for the 3D Vision active shutter glasses that turns them into 2D ones, you can read more about that here: Modifying the 3D Vision Glasses to Show 2D Left or Right Frame Only.

For more information about the De-3D Cinema Glasses at ThinkGeek…

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