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Dialymotion’s New Online 3D Video Channel is Now Available

December 19th, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

The french mobile Operator Orange together with the video sharing website Dailymotion have launched their dedicated online 3D channel online as they have previously announced, although they did it earlier than expected. In this online 3D channel both companies plan to have both professional generated stereoscopic 3D content as well as user generated 3D content, something that sounds nice in theory, but is already showing that can be problematic. At the moment the 3D channel has 43 videos available, but it seems that ot all of them are actually in 3D format and that happened probably due to users uploading 2D videos and marking them as 3D ones and they got featured there although they should not. So this can be a bit of a problem giving not so good start for the initiative, unless a better management of the content featured on the 3D channel is provided. The flash-based player that Dailymotion has with stereoscopic 3D support currently supports user selectable modes for: 2D, Side by Side, Red/Cyan glasses or Interleaved formats for viewing the 3D content. In terms of ability to embed 3D videos from Dailymotion (on your website or blog for example), there is no problem as the embed code uses iframe code and you get the 3D control options on embedded videos as well. Orange and Dailymotion plan to have the content of the 3D channel also accessible on mobile phones, but that should happen in February next year. We’ll see how things will develop and if Dailymotion will start offering an interesting alternative to YouTube where you would be able to upload and share 3D content online, for now they have a lot of catching up to do. You are welcome to share your experience with Dailymotion in 3D…

You can visit the new Orange and Dialymotion online 3D video channel here…

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Orange is Preparing to Launch a 3D Channel on Dailymotion

August 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

It seems that the mobile operator Orange has plans to introduce a dedicated online 3D channel on Dailymotion from early 2012 that will be especially for user-generated stereoscopic 3D content. It is a part of the plan to engage Orange 3D channel subscribers in a multi-screen strategy on tablets and smartphones which will enable them to view 3D content seamlessly on different devices including mobile ones with 3D support. The initiative follows the recent acquisition of 49% of online video sharing service Dailymotion for about $80 million USD earlier this year (Orange will also have the option of completely acquiring the venture in 2013). Dailymotion is considered to be the second largest online video sharing website worldwide after the Google owned YouTube, and Dailymotion is even more popular in some European countries. Orange would look to negotiate 3D rights for events such as the Olympics with France Televisions and TF1 as it has done previously for UEFA Champions League 3D transmission. A prize will be awarded to the best homemade 3D productions on the Dailymotion site in order to stimulate the users more.

It sounds like an ambitious plan and Orange has a lot of time to realize it properly, but we’ll have to wait a few more months to see the plan for a dedicated user generated content in the 3D channel on Dailymotion. Unlike YouTube that has been working on adding support for user uploaded stereoscopic 3D videos, including support for different viewing methods of the 3D content, Dailymotion is still only Ok with anaglyph 3D videos that were already encoded as such. So will Orange be adding other viewing methods and supporting different 3D formats for viewing the user generated stereoscopic 3D content is not yet very clear, however if they are planning to stay with anaglyph 3D support only, then their plans may be doomed right from the start. Just a reminder that Oragne is one of the mobile operators offering to its customers the 3D-capable LG Optimus 3D smartphone (LG has already partnered with YouTube for dedicated 3D channel) that features an autostereoscopic 3D display that allows the watching of 3D content without the need of special glasses. And apparently they plan to have more 3D-capable mobile devices for their customers as a plan of their strategy in pushing 3D content to make it more mainstream.

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