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Trying to Play the Game Crysys 2 in Stereo 3D Mode With 3D Vision

March 26th, 2011 · 43 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Finally got some time to try the full Crysis 2 game in single player in stereo 3D mode and I can say I’m not very impressed or satisfied with it, and that comes after my initial overall good impressions from the multiplayer demo released earlier this month. So let me get started, I’m a bit disappointed from the quality of some textures and models when viewed up close, there is no DirectX 11 support (yet), there are no advanced in-game options to control the graphics and effects levels, just a few preset modes and that is it… just like in the demo. The same thing applies for the 3D settings as well, you get no options to control depth or convergence from the in-game menu, you can tweak only the depth level a bit through the 3D Vision depth control key combination. The game uses native stereo 3D engine and thus it only outputs the 3D content through 3D Vision and does not render it through it, the engine itself automatically recognizes what 3D hardware you have and it supports multiple 3D viewing methods (the most popular ones)…

Playing the game with higher depth levels creates some possible issues, such as having problems quickly focusing on screen text messages that are being overlayed on 3D scenes in the game, although the text also seems to vary its depth positioning. Having blood splattered on the screen at the intro of the game is a bit of a problem, as the blood is in 2D and overlayed on 3D scene with some pop-out it is hard to word out the depth. The DOF effect in cut scenes may be a bit distracting in stereo 3D mode, although it works quite well in plain 3D mode. There are some stereo windows violations in the cut scenes, but they are more distracting if you try to play with higher depth, I’ve found the lowest depth level to be the most comfortable and problem free for me personally for playing with the default S3D settings. Due to the specific way of rendering the stereo 3D there seems to be a bit of a problem with the gun, you may be able to see a strange semi-transparent faint afterimage around one side of the gun that is yet again creating a weird feeling that something is not right. So you can see why I’m not way too happy with the stereo 3D in the game, at this point it is more distracting when used than to provide you with a more immersive experience when playing Crysis 2.

One more important thing for SLI owners, even if you are using the latest beta 267.31 drivers there is no SLI support for Crysis 2 with them, you need to download and install the latest SLI profile update to enable SLI support and have the best possible performance while playing the game.

For a list of Stereo 3D related console commands in Crysis 2 you can play with…

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