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Fixing Issues With Crosstalk on AMD-based Platforms with 3D Vision

May 2nd, 2011 · 7 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

It seems that some people using 3D Vision on systems based on AMD processors may be experiencing higher level of ghosting than normal and than people using Intel-based computers might have. There is a simple fix that could help in such situation that requires you to disable the USB 2.0 functionality of the USB controller (disabled the Enhanced USB Host from the Device Manager) where you have connected the 3D Vision IR emitter (you should not have other devices requiring high bandwidth connection). If you have an AMD based system and experiencing more crosstalk/ghosting than you think you should, then you can read the dedicated topic about the issue and the fix at the Nvidia forums. It is worth trying, have in mind that this will not change the situation for users of Intel-based systems and that some ghosting is expected to be present on pretty much all 3D-capable monitors. Anyway, if you do try that feel free to report if it did work for you or not as well as what your computer configuration is in the comments below.

The topic about the issue and the suggested fix in the Nvidia 3D Vision forums…

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