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Optimizing Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo for Best 3D Vision Results

August 7th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Games


On by now you should know the Batman: Arkham Asylum game demo is out and that it is quite good, besides the PhysX support (I’ve already talked about it) and being 3D Vision ready, and my personal expectations are quite high for the final game when it comes out in September (15th for USA, 18th for Europe). Of course the console owners will get it earlier, but they won’t have PhysX or an option to play in Stereo 3D, so the little delay is greatly compensated, especially for owners of GeForce 3D Vision kits. But now back to the game demo and what I found out about it after devoting a few hours for it today… first of all it is quite short, but still gives you a good materiel to get you want to actually buy and play the full game when it is available.


You should be aware that the game is quite heavy, especially of you want to get it to play in higher resolution, with high detail level, including PhysX and on top of that with Stereo 3D enabled by using Geforce 3D Vision. Here are the recommended settings for high end systems and the ones that I actually used on a Dual Core AMD Phenom II X550 @ 3,1 GHz, GeForce GTX 275, 4 GB RAM and Windows 7 RC 64-bit version. The only option that is disabled are the Dynamic Shadows, something that Nvidia recommends for this game, although I did not get bad results even with it enabled, on the other hand even with all additional effects such as Bloom disabled I still did not see much difference on how the games looks in Stereo 3D. And the truth is that by default, without having to mess with any settings Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo looks and works quite nice with 3D Vision, hence being advertised as 3D Vision-ready game. Although my experience showed that a bit of playing with convergence can work very positively on improving the results you get when actually having a perception of great depth in the game…


Now I’ve prepared a short guide on how to improve the depth perception of the Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo and this should probably also work on the final game when it comes out. First of all you should enable the advanced keyboard shortcuts for 3D Vision if you still haven’t done so – these are needed for convergence adjustment to be available. Then you can run the game, and after the first battle with bad Joker underlings you can begin adjusting the convergence to reach a better level of depth, so basically you will be using CTRL + F6 for convergence increase and then CTRL + F7 to save the personal preferences for the game so that next time when you run it ti will load the convergence level you’ve set. What you need to do now is to remove your 3D Vision glasses and look directly at the screen seeing the double image on it, this makes it easier to adjust the convergence. Then when you are standing up (actually Batman is standing up in the game) and viewing your character up close you should press CTRL + F6 to increase the convergence to a level where the top of his pointy ears (Ok the outfit’s pointy ears) become a single image and not a double one as they are looking normally without wearing the shutter glasses. This is a bit hard, because by default when you press CTRL your character crouches down and you need the ears adjusted in standing position of Batman as in the image above, but you can do it right with a few tries. And this is it… now you should be able to enjoy the game better and with more depth than by default, and just in case I’ve also included two Reg files in an archive so that you can skip the guide part above and just import them in your registry to get the convergence level preset when you run the game.

So what are the results from customizing the convergence level you may ask? Normally the game looks nice, but you cannot use it with more than 5%-15% depth level, otherwise you start noticing ghosting around your character and other objects. Not to mention that by default the game looks quite flat and not being able to increase the depth level without having a bit of ghosting doesn’t help with that. But after readjusting the level of convergence you can easily increase the depth level a lot more and there should be much less ghosting – I was able to play at up to 50% with great level of depth. Still going over 50-60% depth level might be problematic, because I’ve notices that if you increase the depth level too much the details gets blurrier and there is some strange flickering-like thing in some objects. Anyway, after readjusting the convergence you should be getting better results even when using lower depth level like the default percentage compared to what you will be getting with the default profiles. Still I should repeat myself, that even the default game profile presents you with nice results… it is just that it looks a bit flat for my personal taste in S3D… ;)

Download the predefined Reg files with convergence settings for Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Configuring Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for best results with 3D Vision

July 23rd, 2009 · 4 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


By default the game Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood does not look very good when you try to play it with GeForce 3D Vision, because there is still no profile available for the title in Nvidia’s 3D Vision drivers. Normally this may disappoint you a lot, because the game looks very nice and is not a bad title at all, but if you take some time to play with the settings you can achieve a great depth and even a pop-out effect Call of Juarez 2. And by playing with it I mean adjusting the convergence level, not by just changing some settings in the game configuration menu – there won’t be any difference in depth perception even if you go to the lowest detail level or at maximum level. The key here is the convergence level and in order to be able to adjust it you need to enable the advanced in-game settings in Nvidia’s Control Panel from the Stereoscopic 3D settings. Then you can decrease and increase the convergence level with the help of CTRL + F5 and CTRL + F6 key combinations while you are in the game (don’t mind the in-game message that pushing F5 brings out). Now set the level of depth from the controller to the minimum and continue reading on what to do…


You can set all the details to the maximum level inside the game and just play with the Post Process Quality option, because it’s two options produce quite different results in terms of graphic detail in the game. Try it out and see which one do you like better, personally I’m Ok with both… although the Simple setting provides clearer looking objects in the background (far away trees for instance). Of course you can play with these as you see fitting depending on your personal preferences and your system’s capabilities… on GeForce GTX 275 the game works at max detail level with more than enough FPS.


The key moment in achieving astonishing results with Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is setting up the right convergence level in order to achieve both a great pop-out of the screen effect and good level of depth. Just right after you start the game in some trench in the middle of a war you need to go to your left to the wooden shelter-like thing and stand right in front of it, then look at the roof like in the picture above and start adjusting convergence level (hitting CTRL will set your character in crouch position, but don’t worry). Now, what you need to do is set the convergence level so that the closest part of the roof is not doubled (you can take of the 3D Vision glasses to make it easier), but is just a single image with and without the glasses. The far parts of the roof and the trees in the background should have a shadow when looking without the glasses again like in the screenshot above, the important part is setting the no-double look of the front part of the roof. This should give you the best results in the game both in terms of pop-out of the screen and depth perception and will definitely change the first opinion you’ve had running the game with 3D Vision.

I’m also providing two Reg files that you can directly import in your computer, they contain only the custom convergence settings I’ve created and am using with Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. They are from Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit machines, but you should be able to use them in on both OSes if you maintain the 32 and 64 bit separation. Please feel free to report if they work for you or not, but even if they don’t work out on your PC you can always achieve the same result following the guide I’ve from above.

Download the REG files with CoJ 2 convergence settings for direct import…
Get the game Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood here if you don’t have it yet…

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