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Console Commands For 3D Convergence Adjustment in Battlefield 3

December 8th, 2011 · 11 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The latest patch for the game Battlefield 3 apparently has some interesting new extras regarding the stereoscopic 3D support in the game, including new console commands allowing the users to finally tweak the convergence level. Thanks to the users Chiz and GordyMeow over at the Nvidia forums who reported the following console commands and have verified that they are working…

The console commands are:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale <float32>: this controls normal convergence settings (default is 1), the higher your depth setting, the lower you’ll be able to set this before things start splitting in the near field, like your gun. Small value increments go a long way here, I could set this to about 2 at max depth before my gun started splitting too far.
renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale <float32>: this controls how much convergence for your gun and crosshairs while in ADS only. I set this value to 0 (default is 1) and RDS/Holo was accurate even for distant objects with Convergence set from 2-3 and set to MAX depth.

just hit the tilde key ` next to 1 on your keyboard and start typing “render” and the console has a predictive input system that narrows down the cvars for you. Correct syntax is: renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 2.4345

Once you find settings you like and want to keep, you’ll want to create a cfg file so your settings are loaded automatically.

– Go to your BF3.exe directory, probably something like %\\Origin Games\Battlefield 3
– Right-click, New > Text document. Name it User.cfg
– Open it up with notepad, add the two command line settings below and save:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 1.6 <----- change that value to whatever you like and remove this comment in your file. renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale 0

You are welcome to try their findings and report what values for the two console commands for convergence adjustment work best for you. Just don’t forget that you need the latest Battlefield 3 patch installed for these to work, the one released on 6/12…

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Optimizing the Game The Saboteur for 3D Vision

December 9th, 2009 · 3 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


The Saboteur is a third person action-adventure video game set during World War II. In it you’ll be able to explore an open world Nazi-occupied Paris and some of the countryside and parts of Germany. The primary missions you’ll get all revolve around exacting revenge on high-ranking German officers and officials, and getting to the point to be able to exact vengeance because these damn Nazis killed on of your friends and got you angry. The game has an interesting atmosphere and features and you can consider it to be quite fun to play with some nice elements, but unfortunately it does not do very well if you try to play it in stereo 3D mode…


You should start with the Options menu of the game launcher before starting the game itself in stereoscopic 3D, because you have to be certain of a few things in order not to have surprisingly strange results. Make sure that the Refresh Rate is set at 60Hz, otherwise if you set 120Hz you’ll be forced in a low resolution, using the sixty hertz in the option is Ok, the game actually runs in 120Hz so the S3D works. Also disabling shadows can help you minimize a bit of the strange looking effects (defects) while you play the game. As for the resolution and detail level you should set them according to the specifications of your PC. Have in mind though that the game is actually quite heavy when playing in stereoscopic 3D mode and you can get some stuttering because of the framerate dropping too much when you are in a big open space. An example would be having 58 frames per second in normal 3D, but when I activate the S3D mode in a big open space it drops down to about 15 fps on Core i5 750 and GTX 275 with high detail and 1680×1050 resolution. So you might want to consider lowering the resolution or decreasing a bit the detail level in order to have at least 25-30 fps minimum framerate, otherwise it will ruin your fun playing the game.


Still when you run the game you can notice that there are some weird looking lights and the objects around lights might also look strange and have issues, especially if you increase the depth level more. So a custom convergence level is needed in order to get rid of the different light conditions for the left and right frame and so I did create a custom profile to help you with that. The screenshot above is with my custom settings, also notice that the frame rate is just 22 frames with the maximum details – this was just done while testing the game for S3D, not for playing it, so I needed to lower some of the detail levels to get better performance afterwards. I’ve provided the REG file with my custom convergence settings below, as usual you can download it and import the version for your operating system (32-bit/64-bit) and then just run the game and it will be auto loaded. Have in mind that in order to use this profile with best results you need to lower the depth level to the minimum, otherwise you’ll still have weird lit areas… so turning down the depth level wheel all the way down is needed. And as usual please share your experience using the custom convergence profile if you try it out…

If you want to order the game The Saboteur for PC, you can do so here…
Download my custom 3D Vision convergence settings for the game The Saboteur…

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New NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver Version 191.03 is Available

September 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment · GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia has finally released an updated 3D Vision driver that has game profiles for some new games that a lot of people waited to be able to properly play in S3D mode, because they were unplayable or did not provide good enough results without profiles. Among the games that now have profiles are the new Call of Juarez, the new NFS even Wolfenstein… and there are also some improvements in some profiles like the one for Batman for better results. So I’ll have to try some of these games again, as I already tried some of them, for some I’ve provided convergence settings that I personally liked etc… Have in mind that the new driver is still not available as a full CD version, meaning that the 1.11 CD version is still with the old driver, so you need to download the standalone 3D Vision driver only to get the 191.03 version!

New 3D Vision game profiles
o Alpine Ski Racing 2007
o Biohazard 5 (benchmark)
o Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
o Dawn of Discovery
o East India Company
o Fuel
o G-Force
o Hot Dancing Party
o Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs
o Memento Mori
o Need for Speed Shift
o Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
o Raven Squad
o Wolfenstein (2009)

Updated 3D Vision game profiles
o Need for Speed Shift – convergence adjustment
o Hellgate London – added support for DirectX 10 on 64-bit operating systems
o Batman Arkham Asylum – convergence adjustment
o Kings Bounty – updated profile for better stereoscopic 3D

To download the new New NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver version 191.03…

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