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Phereo 3D Photo Sharing Website Adds Beta Oculus Rift Support

August 29th, 2013 · No Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD


The stereoscopic 3D photo sharing service Phereo has just announced beta support for the Oculus Rift, adding one more supported 3D viewing method to their list that also includes 3D Vision support all right from the Internet browser. Phereo offers a free service for uploading and viewing stereoscopic 3D photos with some limitations most notable of which is the 300 MB upload limit per month, but that should still be Ok for most normal users. There is a Pro account that allows you to remove that limitation and also adding some extras that might be of interest to professional 3D photographers for example. For example you can take a look at the Phereo Pro account of Cesar Sommer whose professional stereoscopic 3D work was published here on the blog on multiple occasions.


But back on the support for the Oculus Rift for viewing the stereoscopic 3D photos on Phereo. As already mentioned it is in beta stage at the moment and although it may work quite well it is not yet perfect. In order to activate the Oculus Rift viewing mode you need to open an image and click on the Oculus Rift link at the top right corner of the image, switching to full screen mode you will see the left and right views of the selected 3D image next to each other. There is currently no image distortion applied to the two views of the 3D photo for the perfect viewing experience with the Rift, furthermore as with wider aspect 3D videos watched on the Rift you may also see distracting back bars on the top and bottom with viewing 3D photos with wider aspect, so for example 4:3 works better than 16:9 for viewing on the Rift. When you are in full screen mode for viewing the image in the Rift you can use the arrows to view the photos one after another without having to enter and exit the full-screen mode for viewing on the Rift in order to switch to another photo. Also since it is in beta apparently the Oculus Rift viewing mode is not yet available everywhere, so for example on the Cesar Sommer’s portfolio page you don’t get the Oculus Rift viewing method available yet. Anyway if you have an Oculus Rift Development Kit in your hands you may want to check out Phereo.

You can check out Phereo and the just announced Oculus Rift beta support here…

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New Stereoscopic 3D Photography Portfolio from Cesar Sommer

December 8th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

Here is something new coming from Cesar Sommer, in the form of new stereoscopic 3D photo portfolio containing some celebrities that he’s shot in stereo 3D. Cesar is a photographer and a producer of stereoscopic 3D content as well as an established commercial photographer in 2D. He most known as being one of the first “Digital 3D” fashion photographer worldwide using the emerging 3D technology. His first 3D Portfolio Reel also was used as demo content for the premiere of YouTube in 3D at CES 2009 in Las Vegas and his 3D works were also featured here on the blog multiple times. He is also the first or one of the first to photograph celebrities in digital 3D such as the Grammy nominated Rapper Redman and 2x Grammy winning Fatman Scoop or Bobby V who won a Urban Music Award for Best R&B Act.

Cesar Sommer’s 3D photographer portfolio homepage is a world premiere and has been realized by Phereo, a company at the forefront of 3D technology. Phereo specializes in stereo image processing and developing new 3D technologies for the web, mobile devices and home entertainment systems. As one can see it offers new ways to display 3D images on web sites making it easy for viewers with different stereoscopic 3D display devices to be able to enjoy them in 3D. Cesar’s 3D photo portfolio takes advantage of a new feature for the Pro users of the Phereo service that allows the users to easily create a dedicated page with selected stereoscopic images to showcase their best 3D photography works.

To see the new stereoscopic 3D photography portfolio from Cesar Sommer…

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Cesar Sommer’s Fly With Me Stereoscopic 3D Music Video

April 11th, 2012 · 2 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Cesar Sommer has made available a new stereoscopic 3D video, a short music clip called “Fly With Me”, you can watch the YouTube 3D video embedded above or download it in Side by Side format from his website, along with some more of his 3D videos. You can also watch the 3D video on the 3DVisionLive website if you have a 3D Vision setup. The video was shot with the Sony 3D HXR-NX3D1 camera for close up shots (about 40% of the footage), the rest was shot with a custom made 3D rig using Canon 5D mark II’s for higher IO. As usual feel free to share your feedback after watching the video…

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