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Stereoscopic 3D Video Interview With Sensics at CES 2012

February 1st, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

Another interesting video interview from CES 2012 done my MTBS is up, this time it is Kris Roberts who interviews Jason Kaplan, VP of Business Development for Sensics. They talk about about a new prototype HMD device being developed by the company, a standalone 3D-capable HMD device with augmented reality features. Sensics’ 3D HMD has a built-in Android OS-based hardware as powerful as what you get on a recent Android smartphone or tablet and capable of running all these apps intended for smartphones and tablets. The 3D HMD uses 1280×1024 resolution panels and multiple video cameras for motion tracking and for augmented reality applications, furthermore the device can be used as a standalone product for Android-based applications or can be connected to a PC for example over HDMI interface. Certainly an interesting product that we may be able to see by the end of this year actually appearing on the market, meanwhile you can watch two more interviews from MTBS3D made at CES 2012 following the links below.

Interview with Panasonic about their latest 3D cameras an 3D HDTVs…
Interview With Zalman about their upcoming stereo 3D-capable monitors…

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Stereoscopic 3D Video Interview with LG Electronics at CES 2012

January 29th, 2012 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech

Neil Schneider from MTBS interviews Frank Lee, Manager of Public Affairs for LG Electronics during the CES 2012 . In the interview, shot in stereoscopic 3D, Frank Lee talks about their new glasses-free monitors, simultaneous game-play features on their passive 3D HDTVs, new 3D displays, AIO PCs, SMART TV sets and more. The interview is in three separate parts as it covers quite a lot of stuff, above is embedded only the first video, follow the link below for the other two parts…

Head on to MTBS3D for the rest fo the video interview with LG Electronics…

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Interesting Stereo 3D Video Interview with DDD taken at the CES 2012

January 24th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

One more video interview in stereo 3D format taken by Neil Schneider from MTBS during this years CES, this time the “victims” are Chris Yewdall (CEO) and Larry Wang (VP of Business Development) for Dynamic Digital Depth or DDD in short. This time the video is a bit long as the guys from DDD have some interesting things to share, because unlike iZ3D that are being quite silent for a while, DDD is quite active in partnering not only with AMD for stereoscopic 3D gaming, but with a lot more companies licensing their stereoscopic 3D technologies. And just to let know all of you that might not know it, DDD’s TriDef 3D software solution is also compatible with Nvidia-based GPUs, so it not only works on ATI/AMD-based hardware, but of course you need to have a compatible stereo 3D-capable display solution as well.

Lately DDD is also very actively partnering with companies offering autostereoscopic 3D display solutions, as well as companies offering additional accessories for converting 2D displays into stereoscopic 3D-capable ones such as Sony with their VAIO S laptops. DDD’s 3D technologies have also been licensed by many HDTV manufacturers, especially the automatic 2D to 3D conversion from DDD. So take a look at the interview for some interesting insight into what the company offers at the moment and what more to expect from DDD in the near future…

To watch the stereoscopic 3D video interview with DDD taken at CES 2012…

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