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Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d With MVC Support is Now Officially Available

May 8th, 2011 · 21 Comments · General 3D News

After a slight delay Sony Vegas Pro 10 is now updated to version 10.0d and the new update comes with support for MVC (Multiview Video Coding) file format that is being used by Sony’s HDR-TD10 camcorders for example. MVC is also the format used for compressing video for Blu-ray 3D movies and it is also used by other 3D camcorders such as JVC GS-TD1 and it will most likely be used even much more in the future. Another interesting new feature in Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d is the addition of support for MPO (multiple picture object) file format that is being used by Sony Cyber-shot 3D Sweep Panorama feature as well as other 3D digital cameras for recording 3D photos. There is also the added support for burning a Blu-ray 3D Disc from the time-line which is kind of making Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d the most affordable Blu-ray 3D authoring solution, although we are talking just about the most basic functionality and not something that can compete with full featured and much more expensive solutions designed for Blu-ray 3D authoring. If you’ve already tried some of these new features you are welcome to share your feedback below, especially regarding the MVC support…

Regarding the use of Vegas with 3D Vision, here is an important note from Sony:

When using the Stereoscopic 3D Graphic Card as your preview device with an nVidia 3D Vision for Quadro or 3D Vision Pro setup on a Windows Vista machine, the 3D output may stop when opening another window (such as a video FX property page). If this occurs, please make sure you have the latest graphic card driver and 3D Vision USB driver installed. If installing the latest drivers does not fix the problem, try switching the primary and secondary monitors. There is also a known issue where content on the main window will flicker. This can be fixed by moving another window over the portions of the window that are flickering and then closing the overlapping window. We recommend Windows 7 for nVidia 3D Vision for Quadro setups.

The new Vegas Pro 10.0d is already available for download and is free for existing registered Vegas Pro 10 users, or $249.95 USD for owners of Vegas Pro 9 license or prior version willing to upgrade to 10. Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d is also available for purchase at retailers worldwide for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $699.95 USD.

For the full Release Notes list of the new Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d…

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Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d Will Offer Blu-ray 3D Authoring Capabilities

April 14th, 2011 · 10 Comments · General 3D News

Sony Vegas Pro 10 was the first professional and affordable NLE video editor to feature official stereoscopic 3D support in the video editing workflow and not to add it through some workarounds or additional plugins. But Sony is further improving the stereo 3D capabilities of their software and the latest version 10.0d that is expected later this month will bring more interesting new features. Not all of course are related to stereoscopic 3D support, but lets take a look at the ones that are:

3D MVC and MPO File Format Support – Additional native support for emerging MVC and MPO 3D file formats provides continued functionality with cutting edge camera and media technology (Sony cameras that support these formats include: TD10, NX3D1, TD300, and the Alpha and NEX series).
3D Blu-ray Disc Timeline Burning – New burning capability allows users to burn full HD 3D Blu-ray Discs onto BD-R/BD-RE media, providing editors with a complete ingest, edit and delivery option for 3D media.

As you can see the new version will make Sony Vegas 10.0d the first affordable Blu-ray 3D authoring solution that would allow much wider audience to edit and publish their video content in the new Blu-ray 3D format. Of course Vegas Pro 10.0d won’t have all the features of the high-end and much more expensive authoring solutions, but it is a good start to get the more basic functionality at a very affordable price or even for free… if you already purchased a license for Sony Vegas Pro 10. The new Vegas Pro 10.0d will be available for download in late April and is free for existing registered Vegas Pro 10 users, or $249.95 for owners of Vegas Pro 9 or prior willing to upgrade. Vegas Pro 10.0d is also available for purchase at retailers worldwide for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $699.95 USD.

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PlayStation 3 Now Also Supports Blu-ray 3D Movie Playback

September 21st, 2010 · 7 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Today is an interesting “updates day” for everyone into stereo 3D as Sony has officially released a new version 3.50 firmware for all PlayStation 3 users that brings the much anticipated Blu-ray 3D support to the game console. This is actually the second 3D related firmware update that Sony is releasing after the addition of stereoscopic 3D gaming support in firmware 3.30, so the PS3 is now more functional and can not only be used to play games in stereo 3D mode (still just a few titles), but can also replace the need for a standalone Blu-ray 3D player. So go and update your console to firmware 3.50 if you still haven’t done so, you should however be aware that there are some limitations to what features the PS3 supports in terms of Blu-ray 3D movies…

Limitations on Blu-ray 3D disc playback

– The 3D display of some elements such as menus and subtitles may be different on the PS3 system than on other 3D playback devices (appear in 2D instead of 3D).
– Depending on the content, some BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) features such as BONUSVIEW and BD-Live may not play in 3D or may not function properly on the PS3 system.
– When Dolby TrueHD is selected as the audio format, audio will be output in Dolby Digital during playback of Blu-ray 3D content.
– When DTS-HD is selected as the audio format, audio will be output in DTS during playback of Blu-ray 3D content.

On a side note, as I get a lot of questions if any of the 3D DLP projectors can be used together with a PS3 console to output games or movies in stereo 3D, the answer to this question is NO. The reason for that is due to the fact that the PS3’s S3D support relies on the stereoscopic 3D specifications defined in the HDMI 1.4 standard, so the output from the console is based on the frame packing format at 60Hz defined in that standard and on the other hand the format used by 3D DLP projectors is frame sequential at 120Hz. So unless somebody releases an adapter box that converts from one to the other format or builds a 3D DLP projector with such capabilities you will not be able to use your PlayStation 3 for stereoscopic 3D output. This means that you will be either sticking to Sony’s 3D Bravia HDTVs or actually any other brand that has 3D-capable HDTVs using HDMI 1.4(a) as input format for 3D video content input. An alternative would be a 3D DLP HDTV from Mitsubishi and/or maybe Samsung along with a special adapters that are already available that will convert the frame packed content coming from the PS3 to the DLP checkerboard format used by these TVs. So PS3 in stereo 3D and a 3D projectors are still a no go!

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