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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Finally Got an Official Release Date

May 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Stereo 3D Games

Blizzard has finally announced the official release date for its much anticipated Starcraft II game. The sales of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty will start on July 27th which is actually pretty soon and there will be a standard version of the game available for $59.99 USD and a collector’s edition available for $99.99 USD. I personally have quite high expectations from the game and trying the beta of the game some time ago with 3D Vision has shown good potential and very few issues in stereo 3D mode. So I expect the final Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty to be performing quite well in stereoscopic 3D mode as the game can benefit from the added depth perception as it is really quite good looking and detailed. So the wait for the game is finally almost over… ;)

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Beta in Stereo 3D with 3D Vision

February 28th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The beta version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has been released recently and although not everyone has a chance to try it before the full retail game hits the shelves this actually gives us very high hopes to have it finished this year, finally! And here comes the big question for all of the 3D Vision users – will the game perform well in stereo 3D mode, or it will be unplayable? I cannot yet answer that, but having tried the beta version of the game I can say that the chances are very high to get a stereoscopic 3D friendly title from Blizzard. There are still some things that need attention, but considering that we are still in beta stage there is enough time to have a fully compatible and great looking game when played in stereoscopic 3D mode too and that goes not only for 3D Vision users. But now let me get to the point…

I should start with the fact that there is still no 3D Vision profile available for the game, but that is to be expected for a title that still doesn’t have an official release date announced. However the good news is that default settings for convergence seem to work just fine with the StarCraft 2, so there is no need for you to custom adjust convergence. The beta of the game currently has a 2D HUD, 2D pointer and 2D unit bars, but with the default settings this is actually not that serious of an issue, the game remains quite comfortable to play even with high depth levels. And you should stick with depth only settings for now (forget about things popping-out of the screen, not that you need them for this type of game), as if you try to increase the convergence to get a pop-out effect the game gets unplayable because of the 2D elements like the cursor or unit bars start too seem doubled when over a S3D rendered object. There are a few things you also need to tweak from the Options of the game like to choose 2D mode for unit portraits (or disable it), otherwise with 3D mode you might have issues with higher depth levels. You should also increase the Gamma level a bit to get better brightness of the screen when viewed with the active shutter glasses, the default value is a bit dark for 3D Vision. The only issue you may notice after that is just a little bit of ghosting in some lights with higher depth level, but that also depends on the level of Shaders you’ve set, however that is not a serious issue and can easily be ignored. Other than that the beta of the game looks great in stereo 3D, offers great level of detail and a lot of room for increasing the depth level if you can handle it, but remember that it is all about getting great depth perception in the game world, don’t expect pop-out. So I can say that the hopes for the final full game, when it is released are quite high in terms of getting not only a great RTS game, following the footsteps of the first StarCraft game, but also to be fully stereoscopic 3D compatible too.

You can already pre-order the game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for $59.99 USD…

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