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DDD TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5.18 Beta 4 Software Now Available

May 16th, 2012 · 9 Comments · General 3D News

DDD has just released a new beta version of their TriDef 3D Ignition software for playing games in stereoscopic 3D mode (it is just the Ignition software, not the whole TriDef 3D package) and it is something that you might want to try out, especially if you play Battlefield 3 in stereo 3D. TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5.18 Beta 4 provides a better stereoscopic 3D profile for Battlefield 3, it also adds profile for the recently released Diablo 3 and fixes some other things.

TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5.18 Beta 4 changelog:

– Added new game profiles for Diablo 3 and other games.
– Improved performance of Power 3D in DX10/11.
– Fixed a few visual bugs in Battlefield 3 and Batman Arkham CIty.
– Fixed a game launch issue in Windows 8.
– Added a search box in the Add Game dialog.

According to a just published stereoscopic 3D review of Battlefield 3 over at MTBS3D, the profile for Battlefield 3 in the latest beta of Ignition makes the stereoscopic 3D experience while playing the game with DDD TeiDef 3D Ignition better looking than using the game’s native stereo 3D rendering on AMD HD3D and Nvidia 3D Vision. With the best part being the lack of “flatness” when you are in a vehicle or in the cutscenes, something that is happening when using the native stereo 3D rendering from the game. And although this might’ve been something made intentionally by the game developers, most stereoscopic 3D gamers usually prefer to have more depth than to have things appearing “flat”. Another thing that apparently works quite well with the game is the Shift One Eye, Dominant Eye feature also recently introduced by DDD. If you try the new beta software with Battlefield 3 feel free to share your feedback below and the same goes if you are already playing Diablo 3 and want to test it with the new profile added in TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5.18 Beta 4. And just a reminder, this is a beta software, so there could be some issues.

To Download and try the new TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5.18 Beta 4 software…

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Console Commands For 3D Convergence Adjustment in Battlefield 3

December 8th, 2011 · 11 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The latest patch for the game Battlefield 3 apparently has some interesting new extras regarding the stereoscopic 3D support in the game, including new console commands allowing the users to finally tweak the convergence level. Thanks to the users Chiz and GordyMeow over at the Nvidia forums who reported the following console commands and have verified that they are working…

The console commands are:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale <float32>: this controls normal convergence settings (default is 1), the higher your depth setting, the lower you’ll be able to set this before things start splitting in the near field, like your gun. Small value increments go a long way here, I could set this to about 2 at max depth before my gun started splitting too far.
renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale <float32>: this controls how much convergence for your gun and crosshairs while in ADS only. I set this value to 0 (default is 1) and RDS/Holo was accurate even for distant objects with Convergence set from 2-3 and set to MAX depth.

just hit the tilde key ` next to 1 on your keyboard and start typing “render” and the console has a predictive input system that narrows down the cvars for you. Correct syntax is: renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 2.4345

Once you find settings you like and want to keep, you’ll want to create a cfg file so your settings are loaded automatically.

– Go to your BF3.exe directory, probably something like %\\Origin Games\Battlefield 3
– Right-click, New > Text document. Name it User.cfg
– Open it up with notepad, add the two command line settings below and save:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 1.6 <----- change that value to whatever you like and remove this comment in your file. renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale 0

You are welcome to try their findings and report what values for the two console commands for convergence adjustment work best for you. Just don’t forget that you need the latest Battlefield 3 patch installed for these to work, the one released on 6/12…

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How to Adjust the Stereo 3D Convergence Setting in Battlefield 3

November 25th, 2011 · 22 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Since the release of the latest update for the game Battlefield 3 that added support for actually playing the game in stereo 3D mode there was a lot going on, with people liking or disliking how the game looks with the extra feeling of depth (or the lack of such). The ones that did not like the stereo 3D effect were complaining mostly that you cannot adjust the convergence in the game and the default value makes it quite flat even if you increase the depth level a lot. The reason of not being able to adjust the convergence in Battlefield 3 is that the game uses native stereo 3D rendering from the engine and does not rely to AMD’s HD3D technology or Nvidia’s 3D Vision for that, these are only used for the visualization of the stereoscopic 3D output. So hitting the Convergence hotkeys for 3D Vision for example does nothing as apparently they are not connected to the convergence adjustment of the game’s engine. But that does not mean you are not being able to change the convergence setting in the game, it will be just not as convenient at this moment as you will have to change a value in a config file then run the game to see the result.

Fortunately there is an interesting utility that can help you not only with the Convergence adjustment, but also with other useful settings for Battlefield 3. This free tool is called BF3 Config Utility v1.7 and you can download it from here (you’ll need .NET 4 installed for the tool to work on your PC). But of course if it is only for the convergence adjustment you are free to do it by directly editing the config file with a text editor such as Notepad, you need to open up the file “PROF_SAVE_profile” that you can find in the folder “Documents\Battlefield 3\settings” (C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME>\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings).

GstRender.ShaderQuality 2.000000
GstRender.ShadowQuality 0
GstRender.StereoConvergence 1.000000
GstRender.Stereoscopy 0

In this config file you need to look for the setting called “GstRender.StereoConvergence” that by default is set to a value of 1.000000, you can experiment increasing it to a level that you find more acceptable and works best for you. And of course you are welcome to share if it works for you and if so what settings work best, so that it will be easier for other people playing Battlefield 3 in stereo 3D mode. Just don’t forget that the best stereo 3D experience could be achieved by a certain combination between convergence and depth (separation)…

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