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WikiPad:3D – an Autostereoscopic 3D Gaming Tablet Coming Soon

January 12th, 2012 · 8 Comments · General 3D News

WikiPad:3D is claimed to be the first autostereoscopic 3D Android 4.0-based tablet with an attachable video game controller designed to offer maximum comfort and designed especially for mobile gamers. The device made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and while there is still not too much information about it yet, it has clearly drawn a lot of attention and is turning to be a product generating a lot of interest in the stereoscopic 3D community. The device has been designed for portability (it is a tablet after all), using an 8-inch autostereoscopic 3D touch screen with a claimed resolution of 1080p (or capable of playing back 1080p video, although some sources talk about 1280×800 resolution?) and should come with Android 4.0 OS. The resolution in stereo 3D mode however is probably less than the claimed 1080p or the higher resolution is most likely only available in 2D mode. The WikiPad video game controller can be attached directly to the tablet, making the device almost like a portable gaming console, but with a bigger display and with some extra capabilities like the stereo 3D support. And while you should be able to play games directly on the tablet it seems that the makers of the device plan to support new cloud gaming services on it, so you could be able to even play PC games on your portable device with much higher graphics quality that the tablet’s hardware could normally offer.

The WikiPad should be available for purchase in March this year with a price maybe of around $249 USD, and hopefully we are going to be seeing some more information about the device including detailed technical specifications and a list of all the features it is going to offer.

Visit the official WikiPad website, although there isn’t much info on it yet…

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The 3DeeCentral Software for iPhone Gets New 3DeeCamera Feature

January 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech

SpatialView’s 3DeeCentral software for watching stereoscopic 3D content on iPhone got an update allowing you to easily capture photos in stereo 3D with the single camera available on the iPhone 4/4S and then to preview the photos in 3D on the smartphone. In order for this to work you need to use the 3DeeCentral software together with SpatialViews’s special adapter called 3DeeSlide for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that transforms the 2D display of the phone into an autostereoscopic 3D one (with reduced resolution in 3D mode). You can see a demonstration of the new 3D photo taking feature on the video above, it seems quite easy and there is a ghost image being displayed to help you take the second photo, and there is an extra adjustment phase for the two photos available after that, so that the resulting 3D image could be great. Not sure if the software can already take advantage of the improved camera features such as higher resolution in the iPhone 4S, most likely not yet as it requires the use of iOS 4.3 and not iOS 5 as a minimum. The only drawback is that you would need to move the 3DeeLens on and off the screen quite a lot if you are taking multiple pictures in 3D using the application. The interface could probably be easily tweaked, so that you will not have to do all the acrobatics with moving the lens that makes the screen in 3D and then removing it to see it back in 2D when taking 3D photos. Also sharing of the 3D photos you have taken with this application could be a bit limited, especially if you want to send it to someone that does not use the 3DeeCentral software. Also have in mind that the 3DeeCentral software is free, but it does not work on jailbroken iPhones.

For more information about the free 3DeeCentral application for iPhone…

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New 3D Screen Activator for Toshiba Qosmio F750/F755 3D Laptops

December 1st, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

Kevin Cox, together with the help of Christoph Bisping have figured out how to make the 3D Screen Activator work with the touch-sensitive “3D” button on Toshiba Qosmio F750 and F755 3D laptops. So in the latest version of the 3D Screen Activator software (1.1) you are able to switch between the 2D mode and thee different 3D modes that the software supports with the press of this 3D button on the laptop. A feature that was really needed as I’ve mentioned in my recent review of the Toshiba Qosmio F750 3D laptop, and it is now available, making the 3D Screen Activator software almost perfect. It is of course a must have free tool for every owner of Toshiba Qosmio F750 and F755 laptops as the default 3D capabilities of these are quite limited and with the help of this software you can actually get the most out of the laptop.

To download the new 3D Screen Activator software for Toshiba F750/F755 3D laptops…

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