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King’s Bounty Armored Princess has a Built-in Anaglyph S3D Mode

November 29th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Stereo 3D Games


King’s Bounty: Armored Princess is an adventure role-playing game in which you play the role of Princess Amelie as she embarks upon a quest to explore the previously uncharted world of Teana. She travels into the unknown in search of her missing mentor the legendary knight, Bill Gilbert, a warrior of wide renown and peerless reputation…


What kind of surprised me running this game and going into its Options screen was to find out that the game has a built in Stereoscopic 3D support, although it is only for anaglyph red-cyan glasses. You can enable/disable the mode from the options and also change the level of depth, although the default settings should be Ok for most people. This means that for playing with anaglyph glasses you won’t need additional software suck as Nvidia 3D Vision drivers in Discover mode or iZ3D in Anaglyph mode, but for other stereoscopic 3D modes you’ll still need additional software.


Although the game has built-in stereoscopic 3D support, I was quite surprised to find out that the mouse cursor is still being rendered in 2D. This is still an issue for some people who do not like that when playing in Stereo 3D mode, so you should be aware of that issue. Also while playing in anaglyph mode with a 2D cursor you might happen to see the cursor doubled depending on its placement on the screen which is kind of annoying.


Other than the cursor issue the game looks quite nice in anaglyph stereoscopic 3D mode as you can also see from the anaglyh screenshots. I’ve also tried the game with 3D Vision, using the shutter glasses and not the Discover anaglyph mode (there is not need for that when you have a built-in mode that works not only on Nvidia hardware). With 3D Vision the game looks very good in Stereoscopic 3D with just some minor problems – the 2D cursor, as already mentioned, along with problems with the water reflections (objects look tripled) and some ghosting of lights, but in overall everything else is Ok.

To the official website of King’s Bounty Armored Princess…

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No More 3D Vision Discover with 3D Vision 195.39 BETA Drivers on a Laptop

October 31st, 2009 · 7 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


It seems that Nvidia is already preparing on a driver level for the first 3D Vision capable laptops with Asus G51J being one of the first series with a limited edition model that should be equipped with a 120Hz LCD screen. Or at least that is the hint I got after installing the 3D Vision 195.39 BETA Drivers on a laptop with a normal display and tried to enable the 3D Vision Discover mode on the laptop (the one for the anaglyph glasses). Unfortunately I was presented with the above error and was unable to activate Stereoscopic 3D regardless the mode, as I cannot go the choosing a mode from the control panel. I wonder if I’ll keep getting this error message if I connect an external 120Hz LCD to the laptop, as the laptop screen will still not be qualified for 3D Vision…?

Anyway it is back to the previous 3D Vision drivers version as it seems that these new beta drivers still have some issues and I need to have the 3D Vision Discover mode enabled on that laptop for demonstrations on how the anaglyph glasses work and what to expect from them “for free” compared to the 3D Vision shutter glasses.

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Minoru 3D’s Webcam Anaglyph Glasses Quick Test

September 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech


Today my Minoru 3D web camera has arrived so you can expect a more detailed review of the product pretty soon, but before heading to the camera I decided to test the paper anaglyph glasses that come with the camera. With Minoru 3D you get 5 pairs of paper anaglyph glasses that are a bit different than the normal white glasses that are most widely spread, but after doing some tests they seem to provide pretty much the same results. The only big difference is the size of the color filters in the glasses that come with the webcam, they are a bit wider which does help when using widescreen displays, especially when using 16:9 ratio screens. There is also a very slight difference in the color of both the red and cyan filters on the two types of glasses, but there is almost no visible difference on what you see when viewing anaglyph images with both types of glasses. So if you buy a Minoru 3D web camera you can share some of the anaglyph glasses with friends or relatives so that they will be able to see you in Stereoscopic 3D when you are using the webcam. But they will be also able to use the glasses with the free Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Discover mode on their computers for S3D gaming, provided that they do own a good Nvidia-based video controller…

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