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Take a Look at the GB3D Type Fossils Online Project

September 5th, 2013 · No Comments · Anaglyph Glasses


Would you be interested in watching fossils of plants and animals long gone in stereoscopic 3D format? Probably not the most fun thing for most you, however for the ones interested the GB3D Type Fossils online project by the British Geological Survey might be of interest as it offers a large selection of detailed photos of fossils in 2D as well as anaglyph 3D photos. Not all, but in most cases, fossil specimens have been photographed as stereo pairs, using a see-saw apparatus dipping 4° from the horizontal on either side and the images have been combined into red/cyan anaglyphs that can be viewed through a simple red/cyan 3D glasses. It would’ve been good if the stereo 3D images were also made available in Side by Side format as this way they could be watched not only in anaglyph 3D format, but on a wider array of 3D-capable hardware, especially considering they are available in pretty high resolution and provide good effect of volume. Anyway still a good educational/scientific resource for those interested in fossils and the availability of stereoscopic 3D images although only in anaglyph 3D format is still a plus.

For more information and to take a look at the GB3D Type Fossils project…

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iZ3D Discontinues Operations Marking the End of the iZ3D Driver

August 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments · General 3D News


We already knew this was coming after the unsuccessful attempt with the open source project for the iZ3D driver and apparently the company could not find new funding to continue operating and supporting their 3D software solution. Without a doubt iZ3D has done a lot for the stereoscopic 3D gaming community, so it is sad to see them disappear as the solutions for playing games are getting less, thank god that somebody does not have a monopoly on that market.

iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
Over the last year iZ3D reorganized the company to better respond to changing 3D market conditions and to promote joined marketing with 3rd party 3D hardware providers.
However, despite diligent efforts to join forces with other 3D companies and despite initiating an Open Source project, iZ3D was unable to secure new relationships and new funding. Regretfully, because of lacking funds, iZ3D is no longer able to meet financial obligations. Therefore these financial realities force iZ3D, Inc to discontinue its operations on July 31, 2012.

Many thanks to our customers and partners for the support extended in the past.

The iZ3D website is still online, however you cannot buy anymore a license for the iZ3D driver, you can only download the trial version and use the anaglyph 3D output for free or 30 days trial for any of the other output modes. The iZ3D forums are also available at the moment, but since the company already sized operations nobody from iZ3D will be moderating and monitoring them anymore. Also all forms of support and customer service are no longer available.

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Gmax Stereoscopic 3D Driver for Playing Games in S3D Mode

July 20th, 2012 · 2 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

Here is something interesting that I’ve just found, a stereoscopic 3D driver for playing games in stereo 3D mode being developed by a Chinese company called GMAX Electronic Technology. Of course the software is far from perfect or from the level of features and support that more well known solutions such as Nvidia’s 3D Vision or DDD’s TriDef 3D are, but it is still interesting as an alternative. The Gmax stereoscopic 3D driver apparently works with all GPUs and supports Anaglyph and Side by Side output modes. The free version of the software supports only anaglyph mode and puts a watermark on the screen, but that shouldn’t be a problem for testing it. The product also uses profiles for games and currently the developer reports that there are profiles for 273 games available and of course there is a generic mode that you can use for games without profiles.

And now with the not so good things about the Gmax stereoscopic 3D driver. Although the installer and the interface of the software is translated in English, the error messages and the help remain only in Chinese and that could be a bit of a problem while installing the software. I’ve had some trouble installing the software and making it work at first, but after that it worked quite Ok. You only have a slider for adjusting the level of depth, nothing for the convergence and in order to enable/disable the stereoscopic 3D effect or to change the depth level apparently you need to get out of the game do the changes and rung it again – no real-time adjustment. The good thing is that the games are being launched via a Launcher software, similar to TriDef 3D Ignition and you have the ability to switch the left/right image, but again only prior running the game. If you ate interested you can give the software a try and report your feedback below, it definitely has the potential to be developed further into something good, but there is some more work to be done (the software is also labeled as Beta). Interestingly enough there is also a mention about stereoscopic 3D driver for Linux as well, though there isn’t much information about it available.

Here you can download the Gmax stereoscopic 3D driver to try it out…

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