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Alan Wake Update v1.04 With Improved Stereoscopic 3D Support

March 20th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Remedy Entertainment has just released a new update for the game Alan Wake that is supposed to bring improved stereoscopic 3D support in the game, the v1.04 update also brings Nvidia SLI support, although you’d also need an updated SLI profile from Nvidia that is also supposed to be shortly available. Remedy has promised to work on improving the stereoscopic 3D support in the game after the big fiasco with them initially saying the game should work well in stereo 3D mode and it was literally unplayable. And while they promise a major improvement with this update there is still more work to be done and they have scheduled additional improvements to be made in the stereo 3D support in the game with future updates.

Update 3 – Alan Wake v1.04 release notes:
– Added support for Nvidia SLI. This requires an updated profile from Nvidia (available March 20-21st).
– Major improvements to Stereoscopic 3D support.
– Added Direct Aiming to control options (previously a command line parameter, that still works and overrides the menu setting).
– Added command line “-freecamera” that allows toggling between normal and a gamepad controlled free camera by pressing right thumb stick (overrides the camera side toggling). This was added as many fans said they want to see the whole world that we have built. Use at your own risk.
– Added Czech text only localization.
– The floating particle words in The Signal and The Writer are now correctly localized for all languages.
– Fixed the controller Back button to resume correctly from viewing manuscript pages.
– Added an experimental mouse sensitivity adjustment command line option “-sensscale” for users with very high DPI mice. By adding e.g. “-sensscale=0.2” command line parameter, that number is used to scale the in-game mouse input. You can use still use the slider in the menu, which will get multiplied by the number defined.

So if you already have the game feel free to try it in stereo 3D mode and report how well it works after applying the latest update…

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