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Aiptek i2 3D Camera Stereoscopic 3D Test Video Footage

March 16th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Shooting in 3D

Here is a short 5 minute video clip that combines multiple short test videos in 3D recorded with the Aiptek i2 3D camera. This little sub $200 USD consumer product can provide quite decent results for both 3D photos and 3D videos, provided that you don’t have too high expectations from it. You will have to deal with some of the specific requirements for recording good 3D content as well, but you should quickly be able to get a hold of these by playing with the device. For example the camcorder suffers from the CMOS rolling shutter issue and you should not pan with it quickly or shoot while moving as there is no stabilization, but you can shoot moving objects if the camera is stable and not moving. The low light performance is quite decent, unless of course you have no external light at all… for example you can shoot indoors with low light and still get decent results or even outside on the street in the night with just some street lights etc. You can watch the test 3D footage on the embedded YouTube 3D video above with a pair of anaglyph glasses or download a better quality Side by Side version from the links below to watch with 3D Vision for example. I’ve already uploaded and shared some test 3D Photos shot with the Aiptek i2 camera on the 3DVisionLive web portal. And the full Aiptek i2 review will be coming shortly…

Download the Aiptek i2 3D test videomirror 1mirror 2

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Some Test 3D Photos Taken with the Aiptek I2 3D Camcorder

March 4th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Shooting in 3D

I’ve been playing with the Aiptek I2 3D camcorder while testing it in the last few days, and while it is far from being the best possible product for capturing 3D content. But considering the very affordable price of the Aiptek i2 available for less than $200 USD the results you get are actually quite good. It takes some effort on the user’s end to make good pictures, but the resulting quality is decent enough for viewing even on a Full HD 3D screen. Sure having an additional light/flash and stabilization could’ve helped into getting better results, but enough talking, you better take a look at some of the test photos I’ve taken with the I2. The photos were taken in different light conditions, so you can observe how well the camera performs with good lighting, with no so good and even during in low light and dark conditions. I’ve uploaded the test 3D photos to the 3DVisionLive.com web portal, so you can directly view them through the browser if you have 3D Vision.

To the gallery with Aiptek I2 3D Test Photos at the 3D Vision Live Web portal…

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