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More Interesting Information About the Upcoming 3D Vision Surround

June 5th, 2010 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

There are interesting things happening over at Nvidia’s forums in the topic discussing the leaked 32-bit version of the 265.76 drivers that have support for 3D Vision Surround. It turns out that if you have a triple-SLI system like the 3x GTX 470 in the picture above (the fourth GTX 465 is for PhysX and not in SLI) you can connect each monitor to a single video card for the 3D Vision Surround configuration…

The drivers seem to recognize the configuration and users are reporting that 3D Vision Surround works that way too. So if you need more processing power, and you need that for playing on 3 monitors, then you can go for 3 Fermi cards in SLI configuration and connect each monitor to each card. I’m not sure how well the 3x SLI performs compared to just 2 cards in SLI for 3D Vision Surround and I cannot test that. But more interesting is the fact that this may open a possibility to have 3D Vision Surround on 6 displays with three video cards in SLI, it will just be a matter of software support as it is now for the 3x monitor/projector mode. And three Fermi cards in SLI should give you much better performance than a single Radeon driving lets say 6 displays, although even with three cards for some games the combined resolution of six Full HD displays may still be too much, so make room for these dual-GPU Fermis that are most likely on their way already. Just a reminded, the official 25x driver that will come with 3D Vision Surround is expected by the end of this month and it should be also available in x64 version, not just in 32-bit like the leaked earlier beta.

For more information visit the 3D Vision Forum at Nvidia’s official website…

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