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Changing the Convergence Level in 3D Vision

June 23rd, 2009 · 10 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Normally when you are using 3D Vision you have control only on the level of depth by either turning the scroll wheel on the IR transmitter or by using CRTL + F3 or CTRL + F4 to decrease or increase it. And this is normal as in most games you don’t have to play with convergence, because everything is usually being set in the available profile, but what happens if you run a game that has not been profiled by Nvidia? If you run a new game, or some old and not very popular one you might notice that there is nothing impressive when you run it with 3D Vision. Here you can try to change the convergence in order to improve the situation and it actually helps… usually, but there is no guarantee. But even if the game looks good by default you can achieve even better results by changing the convergence and thus improving the level of depth, the pop-out of the screen effect or even both…

You should know that by default the keys for changing the convergence level are CRTL + F5 and CTL + F6, but they are not active so even when pressing them nothing will change. In order to be able to control the level of convergence you must first “Enable the advanced in-game settings” from Nvidia’s Control Panel by going in to “Stereoscopic 3D”, choosing “Set up stereoscopic 3D” and then opening the “Set Keyboard Shortcuts”. When you activate the advanced settings you would be able to use the CTRL + F7 key combination in order to save the custom settings you set by changing the level of convergence so that you will not have to make them each time you run a given game. However you should know that there is still no graphic representation showing you the level of convergence, so when you are changing it you must carefully watch the changes on the screen. Nvidia is probably going to build additional functionality into a later version of the driver that will show you visually the level of convergence such as the one already available for the level of depth.

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