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3DTV Play Beta Instructions, Available for 3D Vision Owners

October 5th, 2010 · 13 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

As you probably already know the latest beta 260.63 drivers for the GeForce GPUs and 3D Vision do also come with beta support for the 3DTV Play software for the owners of 3D Vision. And today Andrew Fear, the product manager for 3D Vision at Nvidia, has published some documents with additional information regarding the 3DTV Play requirements and instructions for setting up and usage. If you do have a 3D-capable HDTV and 3D Vision and you still haven’t tried the 3DTV Play beta functionality in the latest beta drivers, then you should do it now. Below you’ll find links for downloading the two PDF documents, but before that lets see what are the supported 3D HDTVs and 3D-capable receivers that should work at the moment with the 3DTV Play beta software.

3D HDTVs compatible with 3DTV Play
– LG: 42LX6500, 47LX6500, 47LX9500, 50PX950, 55LX6500, 55LX9500, 60PX950
– Panasonic: TC-P42G25, TC-P50GT25, TC-P50VT20, TC-P50VT25, TC-P54VT25, TC-P58VT25, TC-P65VT25, TH-P42RT2B, TH-P42VT2, TH-P46RT2B, TH-P46VT2, TH-P50VT2, TH-P50VT20, TH-P54VT2, TH-P65VT20, TX-P50VT20B, TX-P50VT20E, TX-P50VT20L, TX-P65VT20B, TX-P65VT20E, TX-P65VT20L
– Samsung: UN46C7000, UA46C7000WM, UN40C700WF, UN55C7000WF, UN55C7000WF, UN55C8000
– Sony: KDL-40HX800, KDL-40HX803, KDL-40LX900, KDL-40LX903, KDL-46HX800, KDL-46HX803, KDL-46HX900, KDL-46HX903, KDL-46LX900, KDL-52LX900, KDL-52HX900, KDL-52HX903, KDL-55HX800, KDL-60LX900, KDL-60LX903, XBR-46HX909, XBR-52LX900, XBR-52HX909, XBR-60LX900
– Sharp: LC-37LV3, LC-40LV3, LC-46LV3, LC-52LV3, LC-60LV3, LC-60LE925UN
– Toshiba: 46WL700A, 46WL700E, 46WL700T, 55WL700A, 55WL700E, 55WL700T, 40WL768, 46WL768, 55WL768, 40WL768R, 46WL768R, 55WL768R, 46ZF1C, 55ZF1C, 55F1, 46F1, 55ZG1, 46ZG1, 37ZG1, 55X2, 55XE2, 46XE2, 46WX800U, 55WX800U

3D-capable Recievers supporting 3DTV Play
– Denon: AVR-1611CI, AVR-1911CI, AVR-2311CI, AVR-3311CI, AVR-4311CI, AVR-391, AVR-591, AVR-791, AVR-891, AVR-991
– Marantz: NR1601, SR7005
– Onkyo: HT-RC260, HT-RC270, HTX-22HDX, TX-NR3008, TX-NR5008, TX-SR308, TX-SR508, TX-SR608
– Panasonic: SC-ZT2, SC-ZT2S
– Pioneer: SC-35, SC-37, VSX-1020-K, VSX-1120-K, VSX-30, VSX-31, VSX-32, VSX-33, VSX-520-K, VSX-820-K, VSX-920-K
– Sony: STRDA5600E
– Yamaha: RX-A1000, RX-A2000, RX-A3000, RX-A700, RX-A800, RX-V367, RX-V467, RX-V567, RX-V667

Download the 3DTV_Requirements_page.pdf Document…
Download the 3DTV_Instructions.pdf Document…

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