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Dimensional Optics’ New Affordable Passive 3D Movie Glasses

October 13th, 2011 · 3 Comments · General 3D News

Unlike active shutter glasses for 3D HDTVs that are not cross compatible between different brands, the passive 3D glasses used in pretty much any passive 3D HDTV and most passive 3D monitors are all using the same technology (LG Home Cinema or Vizio Home Theater 3D HDTVs for example), and you could even use these in some movie theaters that rely on the same standard (RealD). And with the recent commotion regarding Sony’s plans to stop subsidizing the 3D glasses in movie theaters the idea to buy your own personal 3D glasses is becoming more attractive. And while there are a lot of options for such glasses already available, including quite expensive ones from different designer brands, there are also some brands making nice looking and comfortable glasses that won’t cost you a fortune, like for example Dimensional Optics and their brand new 3Dazzle and 3Razzle product lines. They offer a few different designs and come in four different color flavors: cherry, grape, lemon lime, blue ice. The glasses are available for $19.95 USD and $9.95 USD for the models from the 3Dazzle and 3Razzle product lines respectively. These new 3D glasses come with good quality optics, better than most cheaper passive 3D glasses you get with the purchase of a passive 3D HDTV and offered as an option and even better than the traditional reusable 3D glasses you get in movie theaters. They have a light and comfortable frame that you can wear without any discomfort for longer time and as I already mentioned, they won’t cost you a lot like some very expensive designer models that may look a bit nicer, but probably won’t provide you with a better 3D experience anyway. So do check these out and feel welcome to share your feedback if you already got a pair of them.

For more information about Dimensional Optics’ new 3Dazzle and 3Razzle passive 3D glasses…

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