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Wedding Video Shot in Stereoscopic 3D on 5K RED Epic Cameras

June 20th, 2012 · 2 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Here is a short 3D teaser trailer for Stuart and Julia’s wedding film shot in stereoscopic 3D on 5K resolution RED Epic cameras, claimed by its authors to be the first such. The Mirador Estate in beautiful Montecito near Santa Barbara provided an idyllic garden in full spring bloom, resulting in some gorgeous 3D visuals to complement the bride and groom. Shot and edited by Golden Gate 3D, the entire production was designed around creating a cinematic experience to envelop viewers in seamless 3D that provides a flowing narrative and sweeping scale to the proceedings – the ultimate in futureproof mementos of this special day, able to be enjoyed on the latest technology for decades to come.

The video has been made from the same team of people that did the spectacular Deus Ex Homine stereo 3D moco time-lapse video of an Francisco. As usual feel free to share your feedback about the video after watching it.

For more information about Golden Gate 3D and their stereo 3D projects…

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Stereoscopic 3D Video of a Winter Wedding in Russia

February 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment · 3D Movies & Videos

Here is another short stereoscopic 3D video coming from the Russian studio 3D2010.RU who already got a few 3D videos featured here on the blog a while ago. The new video is also in Side by Side format, 1080p full resolution and shows some nice scenes of winter wedding in Russia, with some things made especially to look better for the 3D shooting, so you can take a look. It seems that lately it has become somewhat of a trend to get your wedding day recorded in 3D format as opposed of just having 2D photos and maybe a short 2D video, so your memory of the important day can be refreshed better at a later time thanks to the additional volume information recorded in the video. The video is also available for directly watching online on YouTube 3D. And as usual don’t forget to leave your comment about the video if you download it and watch it…

To download the short Winter Wedding in Russia highlights 3D Video…

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