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Onuprova 3D Camera Helps You Record in 3D From Two Webcams

December 6th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

Onuprova 3D Camera is a free software that can help you easily use two web cameras in order to be able to take photos and record videos in stereo 3D, the application can output the resulting footage in anaglyph 3D format using multiple options. The five different anaglyph color schemes supported by the software are: red-cyan, red-green, red-blue, magenta-cyan and green-magenta. And if you don’t have two webcams (preferably the same model) you can also take two photos with a little offset in between with your mobile phone, digital camera or webcam and then import the two images in the software and get anaglyph 3D output. Onuprova 3D Camera is simple and easy to use and you should be able to quickly get the hang of using it, it could take you some more time in order to learn to place the two web cameras with the right distance in between or properly converged in order to give you the best results in 3D, especially if you are new to stereoscopic 3D shooting. Just have in mind that the closer the object you are shooting in 3D the less should be the distance between the two web cameras and the more distant it is the larger the distance should be. As a base you can start with the rule of 1/30, meaning that the distance between the lenses of the cameras should be 1/30 of the distance from the cameras to the object you are shooting in 3D, and this should work quite well as a base to start experimenting with.

Here you can download the latest version 2.3 of Onuprova 3D Camera…

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