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How to Always Keep Your Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player Up to Date

February 2nd, 2013 · 5 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


As you might know the Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player is actually a special free version of Peter Wimmer’s Stereosopic Player that is limited to support only 3D Vision. Unfortunately the official version of the Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player hasn’t beep updated for a while (already almost a year now) and the last official version you can download is 1.7.5 while at the same time the Stereoscopic Player is currently up to a version 1.9.9 that has just been released a few days ago. Fortunately there is a very easy way to bring your Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player up to date to the latest version getting all the bug fixes and improvements available. You have to copy the license file from a 3D Vision Video Player installation, it is called “StereoPlayer.cst” into the folder where you have installed the latest version of Stereoscopic Player overwriting the file there. And next time when you run the Stereoscopic Player it will run in 3D Vision Video Player mode.

Have in mind that this workaround will just enable the 3D Vision Video Player functionality using the latest version of the Stereoscopic Player, it will not enable the full extra functionality that is found in the full Stereoscopic Player. It is just a simple way to have the 3D Vision Video Player up to date. If you need the extra functionality of the Stereoscopic Player you should get a license for the Stereoscopic Player.

To Download the latest 3D Vision Video Player version 1.7.5…
And to Download the latest Stereoscopic Player version 1.9.9…

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Using GOM Player for 3D Video Playback with Subtitles on 3D HDTVs

February 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech

One of the common complaints by the new to 3D users from the usual 3D video players such as the 3D Vision Video Player and the Stereoscopic Player is that they lack some features that have been common for quite a while on other 2D video players like Media Player Classic, KMPlayer, GOM Player, VLC etc. Unfortunately none of these few very popular and widely used media players does have full stereoscopic 3D video support, but some of them do have some useful features for people watching 3D videos as well. I’m going to be talking about the GOM Player here, as it is one of the first to implement some stereo 3D-related features in its official version and more specifically 3D subtitle support. This means that when playing back 3D video sin Side by Side or Over/Under format you would be easily properly overlay 2D text subtitles over the video in a proper format, so that you would get 3D subtitles displayed at screen depth. An easy to use functionality built into the GOM Player that everyone can use without having to go through adding additional filters and configuring them as is the case with using the ffdshow subtitles filter for example, but also not as flexible and as functional as the external ffdshow filter for subtitles.

To activate the 3D subtitles support in the GOM Player you need to right click on the video player, select the Subtitles menu, 3D Subtitles Mode and choose Disabled for 2D subtitles, Left/Right Mode for Side by Side and or Top/Bottom Mode for Above/Below videos. Have in mind that the choice you’ve selected remains until you close the player or select something else, so even if you play a 2D video after watching a 3D video with activated 3D subtitles support, the subtitles will still be shown “doubled” in the 2D video, so you would have to switch to 2D mode. Closing the player and then running it again however resets the 3D Subtitles mode to the default Disabled state, meaning the normal 2D video support.

When switching the subtitles to a different mode for 3D videos the on-screen messages overlayed on the video from the player also change correspondingly to reflect the 3D format of the video being used. What is left however is to also do the same with the playback controls of the player at the bottom of the screen that still render in 2D. So a job well done for the authors of GOM Player, but there is more to be desired in terms of stereoscopic 3D support that can be added in the software. Have in mind also that the 3D Subtitles functionality of the GOM Player is only useable for playing back 3D videos with subtitles on 3D HDTVs with manually activating Side by Side or Above/Below input mode. GOM Player does not support HDMI 1.4 frame packaging or frame sequential output for 3D content and is not compatible with stereoscopic 3D solutions such as the 3D Vision, so it is not a complete replacement for the 3D Vision Video Player or the Stereoscopic Player, just an alternative that you may use in some cases.

To download and try the latest version of the free GOM Player with 3D Subtitle support…

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3D Vision Video Player Version 1.7.2 Now Available

July 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment · GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia has also released an updated version of the 3D Vision Video Player Version 1.7.2 along their latest 280.19 beta GeForce driver (the latest Stereoscopic Player is version 1.7.3 and it has some extra features). The most interesting thing in the new 3D Vision Video Player 1.7.2 is the support for Windowed 3D mode along with the MVC decoding support, have in mind however that there is no MVC decoded included in the package. And although the Player can now decode MVC with a proper additional codec, it does not mean that it will be able to play encrypted Blu-ray 3D movies, for that you would still need to use a full featured Blu-ray 3D software player such as PowerDVD for example. The MVC decoding support is good to have if you are recording for example video in MVC format with a 3D camcorder or need to play back such content without having to convert it in another format, again yo would need to have a proper decoded for MVC installed additionally.

Version 1.7.2 new features:

– Added support for 3D Vision Window mode. Please view this knowledgebase article for more information on 3D Vision Window Mode.
– Added support for interlaced MVC content.
– Added support for MVC content in MP4 containers.
– Added ‘default’ option in full screen monitor menu.
– Added error message when opening encrypted Blu-ray files.
– Added option for DMX512 output to send only used channels.

Version 1.7.2 bug fixes:

– Fixed issue with Coraline Blu-ray disc.
– Fixed seeking deadlocks with left/right *.m2ts files.
– Fixed exception when calling GetDuration automation command on still files.
– Fixed that player doesn’t close file handles of jpg files.
– Fixed long load delay with certain files when ffdshow Video Decoder is used.
– Fixed error after resume from sleep mode.
– Fixed DirectX recreation error after fast user switching.
– Fixed compatibility issue with DivX Demux Filter.
– Fixed issue with H.264 AVIs with resolution greater 1920×1080.
– Fixed issue when opening left/right *.m2ts files from Blu-ray 3D discs.

To download the latest 3D Vision Video Player Version 1.7.2…

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