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Do Not Hide the S3D Mode with 3D Vision While Playing in Normal 2D

September 11th, 2009 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


I just noticed some strange behavior when you have installed and enabled 3D Vision or 3D Vision Discover mode, but you use the option “Hide stereoscopic 3D effects when game starts” in the control panel, hit CTRL + T or just hide it from the IR transmitter (if you have the shutter glasses). When you hide the S3D mode you get little increase in performance, but the framerate you get is still lower than when you don’t have the 3D Vision drivers installed or the stereoscopic 3D mode not enabled. That is why I decided to do some testing with 3D Mark 2006 in different modes and compare the results just to see if I was right to believe there is something wrong. So here are the results from 3D Mark 2006 in the different modes and they do speak for themselves, I’ve used the latest 3D Vision drivers version 1.11 for this test and a Dell XPS 1730 laptop with dual Geforce 9800M GT video cards in SLI mode…


Here is the normal result I got from 3DMark 2006 with stereoscopic 3D disabled.


Here is the result I got from 3DMark 2006 with stereoscopic 3D enabled, but hidden.


Here is the result I got from 3DMark 2006 with stereoscopic 3D enabled and active.

You can clearly see that when the stereoscopic 3D mode is active, but hidden it still gives you some serious drop in performance although you are seeing things in normal 2D and normally this should not happen. Andrew Fear confirmed that even when hidden by the Hide option, CTRL + T or by the button on the IR transmitter the driver still renders two frames, even if only one is being displayed on the screen and thus the performance drop even when playing in 2D mode. So when you want to play in 2D you better disable the 3D Vision driver by deselecting the “Enable stereoscopic 3D” from Nvidia Control Panel to get full performance in 2D and then switch it back on when you want to play in S3D again.

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