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Just Cause 2 Demo is Available on Steam and Supports 3D Vision

March 4th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Just yesterday I’ve shared the information that the game Just Cause 2 will be 3D Vision-ready title and today we already have the demo of the game available on Steam. The good news is that the demo also works just fine with 3D Vision, so you can get a feel of what to expect form the full game when it is out later this month, however there are a few issues that you should be aware of regarding the demo. The game really looks great in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision even with all the additional effects enabled so it is really done with S3D in mind, but the demo however has some minor issues. You should start with the installation the 3D Vision driver included in the just made available 196.75 drivers as these drivers are the first ones that do include a 3D Vision profile for the game. Not that if you use older driver without the game profile you’ll have some issues as the default convergence level in the game is just fine, it maybe needs just some fine tweaking for optimum results, but that also depends on personal preferences. If you have an SLI system with two or more Nvidia video cards you should disable the SLI before running the demo of the game if you plan to play it in stereo 3D mode as it seems that the demo has some issues with SLI and 3D Vision working together. With SLI enabled when you switch to stereoscopic 3D mode by enabling the 3D Vision the left frame in the game (right when taking a 3D screenshot) is almost completely dark creating a very weird feeling and making the S3D mode unusable until you disable SLI. The last thing you should be aware of is that the demo and probably the final game is quite demanding in terms of graphical performance, especially if you wish to play it in stereoscopic 3D mode.

To download the demo of the game Just Cause 2 over Steam…

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The Game Borderlands and its 3D Vision Compatibility

October 28th, 2009 · 18 Comments · Stereo 3D Games


I’m back on testing new games with GeForce 3D Vision to see how well they preform in stereoscopic 3D and to try to help you get the best of a certain title if you want to play it in S3D. This time on the line is the game Borderlands, yet another title based on Unreal Tournament 3 engine which provides good results when playing in stereoscopic 3D, but no the best possible, as there are some issues present as it the case with Borderlands. Now the game itself is quite interesting and fun to play, because it combines a first person shooter with some RPG elements and on top of that with somewhat of unique cell-shaded style of animated graphics. I personally liked it, but I’ve kind of become a bit of an RPG fan lately and the atmosphere of the game and the visual game style kind of got me, but lets get back on the topic…


The latest 3D Vision drivers recognized the game Borderlands and the game itself is rated as a title providing good stereoscopic 3D effect, but it seems that the guys at Nvidia have forgotten to
mention some things you need to do in order to the get the best possible result. First of all here we have a problem with the shadows, as you can see from the screenshot above they are rendered incorrectly and when the frame for the left and the right eye is being combined you get a weird shadow effect.


So in order to get rid of the weird shadows what you need to do is to go in to the Game options and to turn off the dynamic shadows. From this the level of realism can suffer a bit, but the game will start to look much better in S3D without the weird double shadows visible. Unfortunately not only the shadows are a kind of a problem here…


Even after disabling the dynamic shadows you might notice that some objects still create double shadow effect, but this is only present around some lights in the game and unfortunately there seems to be no option that fixes this. But in order to minimize this negative effect you can decrease the depth level a bit which will help reducing it to a very low level that can easily be ignored. Anyway it seems that a new official 3D Vision profile for Borderlands is being worked on that will probably fix the issue with the shadows, but we’ll have to wait a bit more for that to be released maybe in the next driver update.

Another thing that you may try is to play a bit with the convergence level, maybe trying to lower it a bit will give you better results than what you get with the default profile, but you this depends on personal preferences. Anyway it is worth trying to see if you’ll see the effect better by lowering the convergence…

Ge the game Borderlands here if you don’t have it yet…

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The Game Shattered Horizon and its 3D Vision Compatibility

October 20th, 2009 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games


Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer first-person shooter PC game where players fight in zero gravity on different levels in space and of course this is the first game that is coming from Futuremark Games Studio (3DMark anyone?). There is still not much info made available for the game, because it is just exited from closed beta status and not many people had access to it, but there is a lot of interest and big expectations from everyone for this title. The game is expected to be released by the end of this year (and Futuremark seems to be right on track for that), although there is still no official release date announced, but enough with that, lets talk a bit abut the game and its 3D Vision compatibility. Here is some first hand information about the game, but mostly focused on its 3D Vision compatibility and you should have in mind that in the final version of the game things might be different. Now I’ve been participating in the closed beta that just finished in the last few days and finally I’m able to share freely an overview of the game based on the final beta version and how things progressed since the earlier versions of the game, but still nobody is allowed to publish screenshots from the game as they were not from the final version of the game! So no images from me either, but still an overview of how things are looking so far… in text only ;)

And here is the first official trailer with in-game footage to give you a bit of an idea on what to expect from this space FPS game, but enough with the introduction, lets talk about the game and what to expect from it in S3D…

In the first betas the game was not very optimized so it was quite heavy on the video card and the system as well, but in each of the updates things were becoming better and better, including the improvement of the options menu for tweaking up the graphics settings. So pretty much in the final beta build 7 things were looking very good, although there was still something to be desired, but this should hopefully be fixed and improved up to the final version of the game. At first there were also some issues related to people using Nvidia SLI setups with two or more video cards, but this was fixed, so you can expect that playing in high resolution with maximum detail level the game will be quite demanding on your hardware now even SLI setups should be Ok in the final game (don’t know about Crossfire as I do not have such system available). Anyway I’ve had some issues with running the game (the earlier betas) on a test Dell XPS 1730 laptop with dual GeForce 9800M GT in SLI…

As for playing in stereoscopic 3D, you should be aware that by default there is no profile from Nvidia intended for Shattered Horizon in the latest 3D Vision drivers, so the beta works with the default S3D settings. And if you run the game things look pretty much Ok at first look besides your gun that is very close and looks “out of focus”, so a bit of convergence adjustment is needed, but more about that in a minute. After a more closer inspection you can see a problem in the right frame – the gun is teared and looks doubled on the image only your right eye sees, but is Ok on the one for the left eye. After a bit of playing with the convergence level you can get much better results, showing your gun as it should normally be seen without the “out of focus” effect and the doubling in the right frame. The objects that are more far still look quite good and “deeper” in the screen, as this optimization is for depth stereoscopic effect and not for pop-out effect when viewing in Stereo 3D, which is the best for Shattered Horizon and for most other FPS games. Of course there are still some visual problems and objects that look a bit weird when viewed in stereoscopic 3D mode. I’ve prepared a REG file with the needed settings for the custom convergence level for the beta that should also work for the final game (maybe just renaming the executable), but this is just in case if Nvidia does not have a profile ready by then. By importing the Reg file (link below) in the registry of your OS you just need to run the game and it will start with these custom convergence settings applied, providing you with the best possible S3D result so far.

Now, as of be beta build 7 and with the custom convergence adjustment not everything is still perfect, you can notice that some lights in a bit of a distance from you are misplaced in the frame shown for the right eye when playing in S3D mode. Also sometimes the distant dust (it should be dust and not smoke in space, right?) also is misplaced in the frame that is rendered for the right eye in stereoscopic 3D mode, but it is better than in earlier betas and in the final game we can also hope to have these fixed in order to have the game to perform great when player with Geforce 3D Vision.

Download the custom convergence settings for Shattered Horizon Beta

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