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New NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver Version 195.81 Beta is Available

December 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Nvidia has released a new beta set of drivers with version 195.81 for both GeForce video cards and 3D Vision. As you know the GeForce video drivers do include a 3D Vision driver, but this driver is not the same as the separate 3D Vision driver version 195.81, so after updating the video driver you should also update the 3D Vision driver too! So a better solution will be to just download the Full CD driver v1.19 that contains bot the latest GeForce and 3D Vision driver in one full package. One of the most important things that should be addressed in the new 3D Vision (and I mean 3D Vision and not just GeForce driver!) version 195.81 is that it should fix the 3D Vision display detection for CRT and DLP displays. With the older driver a lot of people reported having problems with their CRT and DLP displays not being recognized as supported by the 3D Vision. So if you had these troubles after you test the new 3D Vision driver please report if now everything works as it should or you still have issues. One thing to note is that this driver version 195.81 does not support the new Acer 1920×1080 120Hz 3D monitors that were recently announced, but until these displays are available on the market a new update should address this issue…

To download the 3D Vision Full Driver CD v1.19 for Win 7/Vista (32/64-bit)…
To download the 3D Vision Driver Version 195.81 Beta for Win 7/Vista (32/64-bit)…

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