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The 3D Vision Blog is Currently Moving to a New Server

February 21st, 2013 · No Comments · General 3D News


The 3D Vision Blog has been moved to a new server location and in the next few days there might be some issues with the availability of the website if you are accessing it from various places until the DNS caches get refreshed. The old server location is no longer available so there could be some issues caused by that, if you are having problems opening the 3D Vision Blog you can try using its static IP address which is

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The 3D Vision Blog Has Just Turned 3 Years Old Today

July 14th, 2012 · 20 Comments · General 3D News

Time sure does fly fast, today marks the third year since I’ve started this blog and for those three years things around stereoscopic 3D technology have developed quite a lot, but still there are a lot of skeptics about stereo 3D and people that say it is doomed to fail. This blog and you that read it and help make it a better community of people with interest in stereoscopic 3D technologies, services and products are the real living proof that it is here to stay…

Of course if you are one of the guys that just want to make some quick money by exploiting stereo 3D as a trendy thing without putting too much effort or resources in making a good product or service you may not succeed or you may just get some temporary good results. Just making something stereo 3D-capable does not guarantee you immediate success or success at all, you need to offer the user a complete and positive experience in order to leave good impression. Making a good 3D-capable display will be nothing if there is not content in 3D to play on it, making a 3D-capable game console will do you no good if the there are not interesting games that also look nice in stereo 3D, making a movie with crappy script in 3D (especially if it is converted to 3D in post) won’t make it a big hit, making a 3D camera without support for proper editing and previewing the content you shoot in 3D is not enough and so on, and so on. So don’t blame only the on the 3D if a product or service is simply not good enough or interesting enough for the users to pick it up and sometimes even the price may not be right to get the success you’ve expected to get…

And now for some statistics for these three years of existence of the 3D Vision Blog, hopefully the numbers will give those of you that have their doubts about 3D. For these 3 years of existence the 3D Vision Blog has got 4,503,814 unique visitors from 226 different countries and territories from around the world and that is pretty much from everywhere on the Earth. I know that there are some big websites that can get this number of visitors in a day, however you should not forget that here we have something special here and something targeted onto a specific topic that is not yet as popular as general news for example. Also don’t forget that this blog is run by a single person passionate about stereoscopic 3D technology, of course helped by all of you that visit, so I’d be glad if I continue to have your support in sharing interesting news and findings, or something you’ve created in 3D that you think should be published here. Also feel free to continue using the Forum where you can connect with other people and help each other sharing your knowledge and experience…

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The 3D Vision Blog’s Forum Already With Over 1000 Registered Users

May 23rd, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

A small, but important milestone has been recently achieved by the 3D Forum, namely getting more than 1000 registered members actively talking about stereo 3D technology, exchanging useful information, helping each other and so on. As of this moment the total number of topics in the forum is 1207 and the total number of posts is 4071, still a lot of room for improvement, so I invite you to join the forum and continue discussing 3D technology there as well and not only here on the bog part of the website. And as I cannot personally cover just about anything 3D on the blog, the forum is there to help you exchange more information and talk about other topics as well that may not be covered on the blog.

To visit the stereoscopic 3D discussion Forum over at the 3D Vision Blog…

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