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The 3D Vision Blog Has Just Turned 1 Year Old Today

June 14th, 2010 · 23 Comments · General 3D News

I almost forgot that there is a very good reason to celebrate today, as the 3D Vision Blog has just become one year old… on this date exactly one year ago I decided to start the blog and it was online in a matter of just few hours. Since its start the blog has come a long way, growing in terms of number of visitors and accumulation a lot of information, and now besides the blog part where I try to write useful information regarding 3D Vision and other stereo 3D technologies, solutions, events and so on, there is now a 3D Forum also available. The goal of the 3D discussion forum is to be a place where people interested in all things stereoscopic 3D can communicate with each other, share information, help each other… as I cannot cover just about everything, I’m just a single person doing this as a hobby. There are already 150 members registered in the Forum and it is being around for just about a month now, so you are welcome to join the 3D community too…

I do hope that my efforts are helpful to a lot of people, as this was my main goal when I started the blog – to help other people using 3D Vision (at first) and then extending to coverage of information to other stereoscopic 3D setups, as well as 3D gaming, 3D Video and 3D Photography etc. I’m trying to cover as much as possible things and provide reviews, guides, helpful tips and so on, but you’ll have to excuse me as sometimes I just don’t have the needed resources, access to hardware and/or software and it might even be a matter of not enough time, because of work (as I said this is just my hobby) or other things requiring my urgent attention.

And now, when the blog is already 1 year old, I can look back at the time that has passed and say that the idea for creating this blog was good and lets see if it can make another one and get even bigger and better community for people interested in S3D technology. What do you think.?

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