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Again About Replacing a Dead Battery in 3D Vision Glasses

August 28th, 2012 · 3 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

It is not the first time that the rechargeable battery of a pair of 3D Vision glasses dies in my hands and it is not the first time I’ve replaced a dead battery (or have revived one that has had its voltage drop below the recommended level). Recently the battery in my very first pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses has stopped working, these glasses are over 3 years old already and have seen a lot of use, and while the last time I was lucky to have a suitable rechargeable single cell Lithium-Polymer battery available, this time I did not have. Fortunately, after a lot of searching for a small size single cell LiPo battery with similar capacity to the original battery used in the 3D glasses I have found out some suitable ones. The original battery used in the 3D Vision glasses is a 50mAh 3.7V 1S LiPo and these are not very common and widely used, but apparently some small radio controlled models use similar batteries.

The ones that I’ve found out are a 50mAh battery for $2 USD and a 70mAh for $1.84 USD from one of the largest Chinese online store for RC models and parts. Both batteries are very similar in size with the most notable difference being that the 70mAh one is 1mm thicker, but it also fits Ok in the glasses (no need to use double sided tape). At the time I’ve found the batteries only the 70mAh one was in stock so I’ve ordered a few to try them, but at the moment the 50mAh model is also available.

To replace the batteries you need to first desolder the old battery and remove the small electronics board that is soldered to the two terminals of the battery, this is a protection circuit that you need to solder on the replacement battery as it does not come with one. Then you just solder back the plus (red) and minus (black) cables to the new battery, recharge the glasses so that the new battery is fully charged and if everything is fine they should start working again (the batteries do come with some charge left in them, so you can test even before fully recharging them). In the end the good old pair of 3D Vision glasses is back in action and it can take up some more use before/if something else fails, the good news is that you can easily do the repair yourself and it will not cost you much, you only need a soldering iron and some basic skills using it.

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What to Do With Your Non-Working or Broken 3D Vision Glasses

October 25th, 2010 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Lately I’ve been getting more questions about people having issues with the battery of their 3D Vision shutter glasses or having them accidentally broken, looking for advice on what to do. If your battery has just died, because it was left discharged for a while, then you might be able to “revive” it using this guide, and if that does not help, then you might be able to just replace the dead battery following the guide I’ve made here. If you’ve broken one of the lenses or have damaged something else, you might be out of luck as replacement parts might not be able anywhere or very hard to find, however in this case instead of just throwing the glasses and getting a new pair you might do something else. You can just sent me the broken 3D Vision glasses and I can use the spare parts for some projects, like for example the one for Modifying the 3D Vision Glasses to Show 2D Left or Right Frame Only. Just use the contact form on the website in order to get in touch with me…

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