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New Nvidia Graphics Driver 260.89 WHQL is Now Available

October 18th, 2010 · 19 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

The new Nvidia graphics driver 260.89 WHQL is actually the first one to receive WHQL certification from Microsoft from the new Release 260 drivers, so if you are still using the bit problematic 260.63 beta or an older driver now might be a good chance to update it to this one. Starting with Release 260 Nvidia is adopting new packaging method for their drivers, including new installed and the 3D Vision drivers are also bundled inside the full package. However to still need to download a separate driver which is now called the 3D Vision Controller Driver, a driver that is needed for the IR transmitter that you connect to your PC via USB to get the sync signal for the 3D Vision active shutter glasses. Unfortunately there is still no 3D Vision Controller Driver version 260.89 made available, but you can use the older 260.63 version without problems, and if you are updating from a full 260.63 driver installation then you will most likely bot need to install the IR transmitter driver after the update.

So what is new in the new version of the driver, besides going out of beta stage. Well, mostly it adds support for the newly released GeForce GT 430 GPU, but that is only regarding the GPU driver with other things like performance boost in some applications and some new features that were introduced in the 260.63 beta. The new driver should also support the 3DTv Play feature for owners of 3D-capable HDTVs that also do have the 3D Vision bundle, because in order to use that feature you have to connect the IR transmitter to your PC… the commercial standalone 3DTV Play software is expected to be available later this year. So if you try the 3DTV Play support you are welcome to share details about how it works on your system, including details about the 3D TV you are using and on what PC hardware you are trying it. And unfortunately the issue when recording stereoscopic 3D videos with SLI setup that messes up your recorded right frame is still present in the new driver, so you still have to disable the SLI temporary in order to record stereo 3D videos with FRAPS (although this might need an update for FRAPS and not the GPU drivers…).

Download the Nvidia Graphics Driver 260.89 WHQL for 32-bit Windows…
Download the Nvidia Graphics Driver 260.89 WHQL for 64-bit Windows…
Download the 3D Vision Controller Driver version 260.63 beta if you need it…

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