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Origin PC EON17-X3D 3D Vision Gaming Laptop Now Available

February 21st, 2012 · 1 Comment · GeForce 3D Vision

Origin PC has announced what they claim to be the world’s first 3D-capable laptop with dual graphics cards in the form of their new EON17-X desktop replacement laptop or to be more specific the EON17-X3D. The Origin PC EON17-X laptop is configurable and you can have the system with a normal non-3D capable display or with a 120Hz Full HD LCD panel (EON17-X3D), the latest Intel X79 chipset, the new generation of Intel i7 processors, and a single or dual GeForce 580M video cards or single Quadro 5010M. The dual GeForce 580M SLI configuration also comes with dual power adapters that are needed to power this monster system, and you can also expect it to be a bit noisy and get hot under load as the total power consumption of the laptop can be quite high. The EON17-X3D model comes with a built-in IR emitter and uses 3D Vision 2 active shutter glasses, although it is not very clear if the LCD panel of the laptop supports the new 3D Lightboost technology or not (although it should). If you want to build configure your own Origin PC EON17-X3D laptop you should know that the base 3D-capable model will start at around $3000 USD and based on the other components in the system you can get that number quite high. If you are wondering what this monstrous in therms of performance and size laptop (up to about 2.4-inch thick and weighting around 12.1 pounds or 5.5 kilograms) is based on, it is the recently launched Clevo P270WM chassis. So don’t think that this laptop will be good for mobile stereo 3D gaming, it is clearly a big and powerful desktop replacement solution that will probably be easier to carry around than your desktop PC, but is far from being useful for mobile usage scenarios when you are on the go.

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