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YouTube 3D Video Creator For Making 3D Videos Available Online

August 17th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Shooting in 3D

YouTube’s 3D Video Creator is a sort of a very simple online 3D video editor that is intended to make it easy for people to stitch up 3D videos and make them available online on YouTube in 3D. The 3D Video Creator is intended for people that use two digital cameras or camcorders in parallel that output two separate video files for the left and right eye as the main purpose of this function in YouTube is to help you bring those two separate video streams in a single 3D video. You don’t need to use this feature if your camera output is already in a Side by Side format or you use some video editing software to join and align the two video streams into one, as if you do so it is most likely that your solution is much more advanced and offers more options for alignment and tweaking. The 3D Video Creator offers only some basic functionality for doing time synchronization and vertical alignment of the left and right video streams and the good thing here is that aside from being able to manually do it, you have an automatic mode that should give very good results most of the time…

You just need to normally upload the two videos, for the left and for the right eye, on YouTube and when you open the 3D Video Creator you will see them listed with all other videos in your account. Then you have to select the proper Left ans Right streams either by dragging them in the respective boxes or using the plus signs on the top right of the video thumbnail. Then by default the tool will try to find the correct offset of the two streams to align them in perfect sync if they are not already synced together when you recorded the video. In order to do that the audio of both left and right videos is being analyzed to get the proper info for automatic synchronization, you can help this by clapping your hands when you are already recording with both cameras if they do not start recording together. This way you will provide a more distinguishable audio marker that should help the automatic syncing, but try to have no more than 10 seconds offset between the left and right video streams as it will prevent the automatic synchronization to work properly. Don’t worry you also have the ability to make the synchronization manually by specifying the timeshift in milliseconds if the automatic feature does not work or doesn’t produce satisfactory results. The other feature is the adjustment of vertical alignment of the videos recorded by the left and right cameras, again here you have an automatic calculation as well as a manual one that is controller by setting the difference in percentage (could’ve been better if you had pixels to work with).

After you are done adjusting and tweaking you can publish the prepared 3D Video as a new single upload in your YouTube account. As I’ve already said it is a simple tool that might help some of the people new to 3D video recording and especially editing to bring their 3D videos online if they are using two normal 2D cameras in parallel configuration for recording. This tool can also benefit from getting a few more extra features on it’s way of becoming more usable and flexible, so we can hope that YouTube will continue to develop it further. I’m taking about adding a simple functionality to define an in point and out point, so that you may be able to easily cut some footage at the start and end of the recording, so you can quickly remove some unwanted content. Another very useful thing can be the ability to do some simple manual parallax adjustment, so you would be able to fix some small mistakes you’ve done while recording by bringing the whole depth of the 3D video a bit more to outside of the screen or inside it.

If you want to try the YouTube 3D Video Creator’s functionality by yourself…

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