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The 3DVisionLive.com Portal is Evolving into a 3D User Community

January 4th, 2011 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

It seems that Nvidia’s 3DVisionLive portal is further evolving into an online community where owners of 3D Vision systems can watch and share 3D movies and 3D photos. The new version of the portal allows the visitors not only to watch online directly through their browser 3D movie trailers, music videos, sport clips, and video shorts as it was possible up to now, but now also to post and view high-quality, high-resolution 3D photos. This way we are finally getting something that was missing on the stereo 3D scene, an user community where people can share 3D content that they have generated – good or bad, it doesn’t matter. And although we are still a bit far from a 3D-capable Flickr alternative, this is certainly good news for all 3D enthusiasts and normal users that are just getting into shooting 3D photos and 3D videos as the number of these people increases. And with the general lack of stereoscopic 3D content, user generated 3D photos and 3D videos are an important step, especially considering the fact that we already have quite a few consumer oriented products capable of producing very decent 3D content. With Fuji being on the top at the moment with Sony and Panasonic trying to quickly catch up and other big names in the photo and video consumer products industries expected to soon follow their lead. Especially as other smaller and not so specialized companies are pushing their own affordable solutions for capturing 3D photos and 3D videos like Aiptek, Viewsonic and others…

The 3D video part requires you to have the latest 3D Vision and GPU drivers as well as the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed in order to be able to watch them streaming directly in the browser and not in full screen, without having to download the videos first. And if you have made a stereoscopic 3D video that you want to share, you can send an email to get in tough with the team managing the website to feature your video there. This functionality has already been available for some time, but recently a lot of new 3D video content has been added, so if you haven’t checked it lately, then you should go and take a look.

On the other hand, the new 3D photo functionality that is being introduced today is much more advanced and user friendly in the term that you can register a free account and upload directly your 3D photos. And if you just want to browse, you can do so, just make sure you have the latest R265 drivers (266.35 beta) that are just released in order to get the new functionality that will allow you to see the 3D photos in 3D directly inside the web browser. Without this driver you will get a warning that something is missing instead of the photo being shown as on the image above. Besides sharing your 3D photos and browsing the 3D photos of other users, you can also rate and comment them. You also have the ability to create albums with the option for them being public or private. Also when uploading the photos you have control over what is format you have the photos in like if it is two separate files for the left and right, if it is in parallel or crossyed viewing format, if it is in MPO file format etc. You can also upload in anaglyph format, but I would not recommend that as the player on the website can do the conversion to anaglyph on the fly. And by uploading in anaglyph format you will be limiting the viewing options only to anaglyph format. Currently, as the 3D photos part is just announced, there are not that many great 3D photos, mostly pictures made and uploaded by Nvidia, some from games in stereo 3D mode, and you can also find some new and interesting 3D pictures from Cesar Sommer. But you can quickly join in and share some nice 3D photos you’ve made in order to significantly increase the number of photos available, I’ll do so with some 3D photos I’ve taken with my Fujifilm Real 3D W1 camera.

Aside from being able to watch the photos in stereo 3D mode directly in your browser using 3D Vision, you are also able to see them in Anaglyph red-cyan mode if you have a pair of anaglyph glasses with this widely used color filter combination. This, although not providing so good experience as 3D Vision, will also allow you to enjoy the photos in 3D. Besides in the smaller traditional view, you also have the option to get the photo displayed with bigger size, but not in full screen (by hitting the magnifying glass button). Just a reminder that for the anaglyph mode you will not need to have specific hardware or software installed, besides the anaglyph glasses. The new release 265 drivers are required only in order to use the 3D Vision mode inside the browser window (not in full screen), so do not forget to also download and install them!

Nvidia will showcase 3DVisionLive.com at CES 2011, January 6-9, in Las Vegas (Booth # 31431 – Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 3). In addition they will also be announcing and demonstrating a number of new 3D Vision-equipped PCs, displays and other devices at CES, including the first 3D Vision-enabled all-in-one PC, the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT, which is now available at select online retailers. So if you are visiting CES this year, then you should take a look at Nvidia’s booth for some interesting things.

Take a look at the new and improved 3DVisionLive 3D user community…
To download the latest 3D Vision Driver CD version 1.44 with the needed new drivers…

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The 3D Vision Blog is Going in a Kind of Vacation Mode for Two Weeks

September 4th, 2010 · 7 Comments · General 3D News

Ok, actually I’m going for a bit of vacation and thus the blog will also be in this kind of vacation mode for the next about two weeks, meaning that there will not be that frequent if any at all updates during that time. With that said it doesn’t mean that I won’t be checking the blog and the forum during my vacation, along with my email of course, it just won’t be on my top to do things during the day… ;)

However, being true to myself there is now a new website dedicated to providing you with the latest news regarding everything stereoscopic 3D that is called Stereoscopic 3D News. And the best part is that there you can also quickly share any new and interesting information or news you may find with other users that are interested in stereo 3D, so you’ll be always up to date. You just need to make a quick and simple registration in order to be able to submit stories and vote for the ones shared by other people should you find them interesting and useful in order to differentiate them as more important than the others. So you can actually say that this new website is like the popular Digg, but dedicated only to stereoscopic 3D topics and made for the stereo 3D community with different interests.

But enough explanations, just head on to see the new Stereoscopic 3D News website…

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