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De-3D Cinema Glasses Exclusively from ThinkGeek Only Today

April 1st, 2011 · 6 Comments · General 3D News

Another 3D exclusive product just for today, ThinkGeek is offering a De-3D Cinema Glasses that do exactly what the name suggests – turn 3D movies into 2D ones, eliminating headaches and nausea associated with 3D movies for the people experiencing them. The glasses are with passive polarizing filters and are compatible with any movie theater using RealD 3D technology for projecting 3D movies. In this particular case however this is not a real product, just another April Fools Day joke… just click on the Buy Now button to confirm it if you don’t believe.

Actually making such 3D to 2D passive glasses isn’t that hard… should you need them of course. You just need to replace the right light polarizing filter with a one that uses the same polarization as in the left lens, so that as a result you will be seeing only the left projected frame in the movie theater from a 3D movie and thus you will actually see the movie in 2D. This of course is not very practical for watching 3D movies in 2D when you have to pay higher price for the 3D projection, but can be more practical for home use for screen sharing for example and opens some new and interesting possibilities. If you are following the blog you may remember my mod for the 3D Vision active shutter glasses that turns them into 2D ones, you can read more about that here: Modifying the 3D Vision Glasses to Show 2D Left or Right Frame Only.

For more information about the De-3D Cinema Glasses at ThinkGeek…

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