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Finding the Right 3D Cinema Theatre that is Close to You

December 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech


There are already quite a lot of different technologies when we are talking about watching 3D movies in cinemas as I already talked in the What to Choose: IMAX 3D versus RealD versus Dolby 3D for 3D Movies? post. And quite often when you are choosing a 3D cinema it is also a matter of what is closer to you, especially now in the winter with all the snowy and cold weather, everyone is lazy enough not to have to travel a lot to go to a far away cinema. So why not look around with the help of your PC and find the closest IMAX 3D, RealD, Dolby 3D or even XpanD 3D cinema you can visit… of course if there is any of these available near you. So here is a short list of the website where you can check the availability of 3D cinema theater that is close to you…

The official IMAX website has a very convenient cinema locator, based on Google Maps to overlay the exact location of the theater. There is a convenient search box that will help you locate your country or city and see the availability of IMAX theaters there. You can view all IMAX cinemas near you, including the 3D theaters and even see some that are going to be opened soon (if there are any near by). The information in the list is quite up to date, so you should not have trouble looking for something that simply isn’t there…

The theater locator for RealD 3D cinemas is not that good and it seems to be a bit outdated and not containing all the latest installations, but still it is a good place to check. If you live in the USA you can just enter your Zip code to quickly find the nearest locations. If not you’ll have to click on the continent, then the specific country and they you’ll see the the available cinemas (if any), but no detailed map… just the address when you over over the RealD icon. There is however a map it button with external link to Yahoo maps for detailed map…

Dolby 3D
Dolby’s approach also relies on Google Maps with easier multifunctional search box that allows you to quickly find your exact location. There are bigger blue icons showing the Dolby 3D cinema concentration with numbers, when you are viewing the bigger scale maps, that transform into green icons with exact addresses on the map when you zoom in enough. Up to date information and easy to find and you usually have more than one choice in smaller countries unlike with IMAX 3D, and a lot of the newer 3D cinema complexes seem to prefer that technology over the other alternatives.

Finally we come to the XpanD 3D cinemas that are still not that many compared to the others, but some people claim them to be superior to other technologies for 3D (I personally still haven’t seen a movie in such). The XpanD worldwide map of locations is the least convenient, because you just select the continent and see a list of cinemas grouped by the countries in the respective continent. There are no links to official websites or even the addresses of these cinemas, you are on your own to find all the locations having just one name to look for. Not very convenient and useful, you might be even more successful directly searching for XpanD cinema in your location with Google for instance…

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